A Jaw-Dropping Defeat in This Blue State Has All Hell Breaking Loose

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Democrats thought victory in 2020 was a sure thing.

And then the bottom fell out.

Now a jaw-dropping defeat in this blue state has all hell breaking loose.

Democrats have won every election in Virginia save one in 2009 over the last 15 years.

A once reliable Republican state flipped to deep blue due to an influx of government workers and immigrants.

Staunton City in Virginia is one of these blue enclaves and they just held their local elections to determine which party would run the city.

Sometimes local elections are just that – local elections.

But often times, local elections can show which way the political winds are blowing.

In Virginia, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam – who was allegedly photographed in a KKK robe for his medical school yearbook – pursued an aggressive gun control agenda and imposed one of the most tyrannical lockdown orders in the United States.

The backlash to the Democrat agenda was felt in Staunton where Republicans won control of the City Council.

Augusta Free Press political reporter Chris Graham attributed the Republican victory to voters rejecting gun control and job-killing lockdowns.

“The tailwind for the Rs, dating back to the winter, was the tumult locally over gun-control legislation being advanced in the General Assembly by Democrats, who had run on gun control as a key issue in the 2019 legislative races that gave them control of the House of Delegates for the first time in more than two decades,” Graham wrote.

“The candidate most closely associated with the sanctuary movement in Waynesboro, Jim Wood, came up well short in his challenge to the sitting mayor, Terry Short, though two other candidates backed by Republicans – Bruce Allen and Lana Williams – won seats to give conservatives a working majority on Waynesboro City Council moving forward,” Graham continued.

Graham also detailed Staunton’s recent history of loyal Democrat Party voting until the extremists controlling the party in Virginia pushed the agenda too far to the left.

“Bottom line is that the strategies worked, flipping both from D to R, but the change in Staunton is stunning almost beyond words. A city that voted for Barack Obama, twice, voted for Hillary Clinton, voted for Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam, even gave a solid majority to Jennifer Lewis in her 2018 congressional run against Ben Cline, is now controlled by Republicans,” Graham explained.

Democrats and their allies in the fake news media take it for granted that the political playing field tilted in their favor.

Nearly 39 million Americans lost their jobs, thanks to the government-mandated lockdowns, and unemployment could reach 25 percent.

But the strictest lockdown measures were imposed by Democrats and the Staunton City Council elections proved the American people are beginning to rebel against the petty tyrants that locked them down in effective house arrest.

(h/t Great American Daily)