A RINO Sellout Just Agreed To Do One Terrible Favor For Nancy Pelosi

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Conservatives are constantly fighting a battle against the GOP establishment that is always trying to sell them out.

It’s worse than ever.

RINO sellout just agreed to do one terrible favor for Nancy Pelosi.

As Great American Daily reports:

Democrats’ plan to cling to power in the midterm election is to smear Republicans as pro-life extremists while camouflaging their radical position of abortion on demand up until the moment of birth.

Nancy Pelosi received aid and comfort on this from South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace who likes to pretend she is pro-life.

However, after every turn Mace showboats in public about siding with the Democrats’ pro-abortion talking points and stabbing the pro-life movement in the back.

Earlier this summer Mace voted with the Democrats on legislation to force doctors to perform abortion against their will, created a fictional right to abortion drugs, and even allowed minor children to receive and take abortion-inducing drugs without parental consent.

Mace then showed up to the vote wearing a sign on her jacket falsely claiming Republicans wanted to ban birth control.

Now Mace boosted Pelosi’s talking points by going on CNN and trashing a modest pro-life bill banning abortion after 15 weeks while still including exceptions for rape and incest.

Mace demanded a more expansive exception for rape that will create a massive loophole allowing abortion on demand to continue with no regulation.

“We have to have exceptions for women who have been raped, for girls who have been victims of incest,” Mace told CNN’s John Berman.

Mace then complained that the bill’s rape exception required the rape be reported to the police in order to qualify.

“The devil’s always in the details. Having a woman who’s a victim of rape, requiring her to report it to police is a non-starter for me. I was raped when I was 16. I know how traumatic that experience can be,” she said. “It’s harrowing. It’s been a life, a lifetime of trauma for most women like myself. I can’t imagine the judgement, the fear, that women have when reporting it.”

Pro-abortion fanatics in the Democrat Party oppose requiring abortionists to report rapes to the police because they know abortionists do not operate with honor.

If abortion supporters really do champion women, wouldn’t they want rapists arrested and thrown in jail?

But the abortionists that run mills like Planned Parenthood just want abortion on demand and the so-called “doctors” at this facility know a rape exception with no reporting requirement provides a permission slip for unchecked abortion on demand.

Mace then bragged that she helped kill a heartbeat bill – which would have banned abortion when doctors detect a fetal heartbeat – during her time in the South Carolina state legislature.

“I talked about my story three years ago in 2018 when South Carolina was doing its heartbeat bill and that was 20 plus years after my trauma and the way that women are treated when they come forward is disgusting,” Mace stated.

Berman then asked Mace if she could vote for the moderate pro-life bill before Congress.

“Not as it stands,” Mace shot back.

Mace essentially filmed a campaign commercial for Pelosi and the Democrats.

A supposedly pro-life female Republican publicly trashing an incremental bill stopping around five percent of all abortions in America as too extreme is exactly the message Democrats want to communicate to voters this November.