A War Hero Stepped Up and Hit Chuck Schumer with a Truth That Wrecked His Life

Chuck Schumer never saw this coming.

The New York Democrat thought 2020 was going to be another blue wave.

And a war hero stepped up and hit Chuck Schumer with a truth that wrecked his life.

As Great American Daily reports:

To win outright control of the United States Senate, Democrats need to flip four Republican-held seats next November.

Democrats believe they have strong candidates in Arizona, Colorado, and Maine.

Party strategists also hold out hope the Democrat candidates in Georgia and Texas can emerge victorious if the Democrat tide rises as high as it did on Election Day 2018.

But Republicans can throw a monkey wrench in Schumer’s plans.

If Republicans pick up one or two red state seats held by a Democrat incumbent, the GOP closes off any path to a Democrat Senate Majority.

There are only four Democrats up for re-election in 2020.

Michigan Democrat Gary Peters is one of them.

The Wolverine state was one of three reliably blue industrial Midwest states Donald Trump flipped in 2016.

And Michigan figures to be one of the central battleground states in 2020.

Peters – however – does not have all the traditional advantages of being an incumbent.

For instance, Peters won election to the Senate in 2014 after serving two terms in the House.

And yet polls show 40 percent of Michigan voters do not know who he is.

Republicans scored a major coup when former combat veteran John James – who served in Iraq after graduating from the United States military academy – announced he would run against Peters in 2020.

James explained in an interview on Dana Perino’s Fox News program “The Daily Briefing” how his run for the Senate in 2016 – where he lost a narrower than expected race to Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow – as well as the fact that polls show 40 percent of the voters have no idea who Peters is gives James an advantage over the Democrat incumbent.

“We had to start off with nothing,” James told Fox News. “We started off with a wing and a prayer — with a campaign that knew we wanted to bring glory to God and help our neighbor.”

“Being unknown by 40 percent of the electorate after 30 years as a career politician and 10 years in Washington is not a badge of honor,” he added.

Unlike other Republicans that ran in 2018 that tried to distance themselves from Donald Trump, James said he stood with the President 2,000 percent.

James also staked out a 100 percent pro-life position saying he opposed abortion in all cases except for the life of the mother.

These stances helped James rally the conservative base and run a much closer race against Senator Stabenow in 2018 than the polls or experts indicated.

In states like Michigan, establishment Republicans think they need to handpick squishy moderates that support abortion and gun control.

Running smiling RINOs that agree with the Democrats on every issue are why Republicans haven’t won a Senate election in Michigan since 2000.

If Republicans are going to break that streak and deny the Democrats a Senate majority the GOP needs candidates that energize the GOP and stand with President Trump.

James is the GOP’s best bet in Michigan because he checks those two boxes.

Great American Daily will continue to keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.