Adam Schiff Made A Major Confession That Turned Alvin Bragg’s Life Into A Living Hell

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Americans now know the truth about Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg arresting Donald Trump

It was a Democrat who ended up spilling the beans.

And Adam Schiff made a major confession that turned Alvin Bragg’s life into a living hell.

As Great American Daily reports:

Adam Schiff is running for Senate in California on the back of leading the witch hunts in the Russia collusion hoax and the Trump impeachment hoax.

And now Schiff showed District Attorney Bragg arresting Trump was nothing more than a political stunt to boost the fortunes of Democrats by fundraising off the indictment as soon as Bragg’s office leaked it to The New York Times.

Many on the left — including members of the fake news media — are queasy about Bragg’s charges since they are obviously a sham.

Even MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell — one of the most reliable Hillary Clinton fan girls in the fake news media — pressed Schiff on fundraising off the indictment.

“You’re fundraising on it,” Mitchell pointed out in an interview with Schiff.

Schiff did not deny the charges against Trump are part of a scheme to help Democrats hold the White House and the Senate in 2024.

Schiff even went so far as to embrace the fact that arresting Trump is a political act.

“Look, I think that this is going to be certainly a political issue in terms of defending the rule of law on the one side, in terms of I think subverting the rule of law on the other. But the most important point for me is that this is affirmation of the fact that no one should be above the law, and that we are all held to account. But this is someone who has escaped accountability now for years and years,” Schiff stated.

Schiff even told Mitchell he plans to make the arrest an even bigger political issue by trying to interfere in GOP investigations into Bragg’s misconduct.

“And yes, so I’m going to speak out on it. Other people are going to speak out on it. I’m going to be pushing back against what Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan are trying to do in the House by running interference and trying to stop or somehow impede or discredit this investigation. That’s a continuing and important part of the work I’ve been doing to defend our democracy,” Schiff continued.

Schiff is not the only Democrat to fundraise off the Trump indictment.

The Senate Majority PAC — the official vehicle for Chuck Schumer to accept unlimited donations to keep the majority — also fundraised off the Trump indictment.

Democrats are not even hiding the fact that the investigations into Trump and the criminal charges against him are bogus and are just intended to influence the outcome of the 2024 GOP primary and the general election.