Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Does Not Want You To Know About A Very Embarrassing Meltdown

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will not want to show her face in public for a while.

The gaffes keep piling up.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not want you to know about a very embarrassing meltdown.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

During a townhall meeting with constituents a hysterical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez repeated many of the Big Lies about January 6.

Ocasio-Cortez falsely claimed Republicans would overthrow American democracy if they won the next election.

“This is no joke,” Ocasio-Cortez ranted. “Jan. 6 was a trial run, and a lot of people don’t seem to understand that. It was a trial run.

“They’re going to come back,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

Ocasio-Cortez then lied and claimed only a Democrat majority in the House stopped Donald Trump from staging a coup.

“And if [Republicans] take the House, then they have the votes to not authorize and legitimize the presidential election,” Ocasio-Cortez falsely claimed. “The only reason it wasn’t worse was because Democrats had the House, and [Republicans] didn’t have the votes in the House.”

In reality, the objections to the Electoral College failed in the Senate 92 to 8.

Even if Republicans held a majority in the House nothing would have stopped the Senate from voting to certify the election results.

Ocasio-Cortez’s comments were also a callback to a story many claim is false where Ocasio-Cortez claimed Trump supporters tried to rape and kill her on January 6 while Ocasio-Cortez hid in her office.

“As for myself, I had a pretty traumatizing event happen to me and I do not know if I can even disclose the full details of that event due to security concerns, but I can tell you that I had a very close encounter where I thought I was going to die and you have all of those thoughts where, you know, at the end of your life, and all of these thoughts come rushing to you, and that’s what happened to a lot of us on Wednesday,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Instagram one week after January 6. “I did not think, I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive, and not just in a general sense, but also in a very, very specific sense and, you know, I think it’s an opportunity for a lot of us to talk about trauma as well.”

In fact Ocasio-Cortez’s office was in the Cannon Building which is a ways away from the Capitol Building and rotunda where Trump supporters entered.

Democrats and the corporate media aren’t interested in the truth about January 6.

Instead, they are invested in this outrageous claim that Trump supporters intended to overthrow the government of the United States.

Democrats need these scare stories because a recent NBC poll found Republicans holding a 17-point edge in the question of which party’s voters are more enthusiastic to turn out in November.

Since few Democrats actually love Joe Biden, Democrats’ only chance to motivate voters to turn out is fearmongering about a so-called “insurrection” on January 6.