Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Instantly Regretted One Disastrous Election Announcement

Photo by nrkbeta on Flickr

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio—Cortez tried to flex her political muscles.

That turned out to be a big mistake.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez instantly regretted one disastrous election announcement.

As Great American Daily reports:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s days as a rising star are over.

Now it is time for the New York congresswoman to engage in full-on damage control mode.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a humiliating mistake that just backfired big time.

On the day before the Ohio primary Ocasio-Cortez endorsed socialist firebrand Nina Turner in a primary challenge to sitting Congresswoman Shontel Brown.

“Nina is exactly the kind of progressive leader we need more of in Congress,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a fundraising email. “She will be a powerful voice for policies that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of working people across this country — like Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, and a Green New Deal.”

That endorsement turned into a massive political blunder on numerous fronts.

First, Brown blew out Turner.

Second, Turner – who was a key supporter of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns – stopped her concession speech to hint at launching a primary challenge against Joe Biden in 2024.

“They can’t contain this Black girl magic,” Turner began. “‘Cause what I am gonna do is I’mma take this magic all over this country and shake it that way. And baby, 2024 is coming.”

Turner then ticked off a number of early voting states on the nominating calendar as places Turner would gladly visit two years from now.

“And I think the great state of California got something to say about what Sister Turner should do,” Turner added. “The great state of Iowa got something to say about what Sister Turner should do. The great state of Nevada got something to say about what Sister Turner should do.”

No one could understand why Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Turner in the fashion that she did.

Brown routed Turner in a 2021 special election to win the seat in the first place.

Ocasio-Cortez then endorsed Turner at the last moment – when the endorsement could not do a lick of good – so Ocasio-Cortez could pretend to the socialist base of the Democrat Party that Ocasio-Cortez was on board with one of their heroes running for office.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s career in Congress has seen one misstep after another.

Ocasio-Cortez led Democrats down the political blackhole of defunding the police and supporting the Black Lives Matter insurrectionists during the summer of 2020.

Now Ocasio-Cortez could annoy her allies on the left by going through the motions to support socialist candidates for office instead of really throwing her political muscle behind Nina Turner and like-minded candidates.