Barack Obama Is Facing A Big 2024 Decision That Trump is Going To Hate

Photo by Johan Viirok on Flickr

Former President Barack Obama is terrified of a Donald Trump comeback.

That put Obama on the spot.

Now Barack Obama is facing a big 2024 decision that Trump is going to hate.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Barack Obama is staging something of a dry run for 2024.

Obama hosted British Labour Party head honcho Sir Keir Starmer and Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy for a meeting to discuss strategies on how Labour could win its first national election in Britain since 2005.

Labour lurched far to the left under former socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn and Obama and other Democrats likely want to road test potential strategies and messaging tactics in Britain ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“It really is about how progressive parties win and how Labour can fight back in an environment where our opponents have 10-to-one more funds than us,” Lammy told The Observer. “Obviously, in the United States there is Fox News, but we have similar challenges in the UK,” he claimed.

“Getting our message across and learning collectively is really important,” Lammy added.

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair – who led Labour out of the wilderness in 1997 after nearly two decades of defeat at the hands of conservative icon Margaret Thatcher – hinted that the change in messaging would revolve around less stridently leftist messaging on the culture wars and woke identity politics.

“We should openly embrace liberal, tolerant but common-sensical positions on the ‘culture’ issues, and emphatically reject the ‘wokeism’ of a small though vocal minority,” Blair recently wrote.

Democrats paid the price for “wokeism” in the Virginia statewide elections.

Pandemic school closures gave parents an up close and personal view of the left-wing garbage activists were brainwashing their children with.

Moms and dads flocked to school board meetings to protest critical race theory – which teaches that America’s institutions were founded on white supremacy.

Parents also objected to how teachers used critical race theory to divide students by their skin color.

Woke ideology is also driving a wedge between Democrats and voters.

In 2012 Barack Obama won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote and Democrats assumed this hammerlock on the country’s fastest growing demographic group would cement a generation of liberal dominance.

But two things happened.

Democrats embraced the violent Black Lives Matter movement and the group’s call to defund police.

Second, liberals adopted the insulting term “Latinx” to describe Latinos.

Polls showed most Hispanics were offended by this term and only two percent of Latinos referred to themselves as Latinx.

In 2020 a Pew post-election report found Donald Trump won 38 percent of Hispanic voters.

A recent Wall Street Journal report found Donald Trump winning 43 percent of the Hispanic vote in a hypothetical rematch with Joe Biden.

Obama and other Democrats may want to use the upcoming British elections to test the effectiveness of dialing back the party’s rhetorical support for woke political causes.

Democrats look at the polls and are terrified that the party staked out political toxic ground by championing social justice issues and woke ideology.

The party recognizes this politically disastrous decision and is trying stave off defeat in 2024.