Barack Obama Stunned Donald Trump With What Obama Admitted In Private

Photo by Johan Viirok on Flickr

Barack Obama and Donald Trump have no relationship.

In fact, they are bitter rivals.

But Barack Obama stunned Donald Trump with what Obama admitted in Private.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

There was only one day where Barack Obama and Donald Trump pretended to like each other.

And that was on Trump’s inauguration back in 2017.

As the sitting president, Obama rode with Trump from the White House to the Capitol where Trump was set to deliver his now-famous “American carnage” inaugural address.

He close quarters in the presidential limousine – where neither Obama nor Trump had a means of escape – forced the two to make small talk.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt – who was on the transition committee and was in the limo – was likely Woodward and Costa’s source for the account of what happened next between Trump and Obama.

They describe Trump asking Obama what his biggest mistake was and Obama – who was known for his arrogance – played to type and shot back that he never made any.

Trump quickly changed the subject.

Fox News exclusively reports:

Woodward and Costa report that Trump and Obama rode from the White House to the Capitol, along with Sen. Roy Blunt, who was responsible for planning the inaugural ceremony.

“What was your biggest mistake?” asked the president-elect to his predecessor.

Obama is then said to have paused and looked back at Trump.

“I can’t think of anything,” he is reported to have responded.

Obama’s mistakes are almost too numerous to list.

The left-wing “fact-checking” site PolitiFact called out Obama for telling the lie of the year for falsely claiming “if you like your doctor, you can keep you doctor” when trying to sell the public on Obamacare.

Obama threw the border open in 2014 allowing tens of thousands of illegal alien children to march into America creating a border crisis that led to the Democrats losing nine Senate seats – and control of the chamber – in the 2014 midterms.

Edward Snowden also revealed Obama illegally spied on every American’s electronic communications without a warrant in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Obama also derided ISIS as the junior varsity squad and then watched as ISIS created a caliphate in Iraq and Syria that Donald Trump eventually destroyed.

And Obama traded five Taliban commanders – some of whom are now part of the government that took over Afghanistan following Joe Biden’s botched retreat – for controversial American soldier Bowe Bergdahl who allegedly went AWOL and ended up in the Taliban’s hands.

Some soldiers that searched for Bergdahl after he allegedly walked away from his post claimed AlQaeda killed some of their fellow troops while they were hunting for Bergdahl.

Obama claiming he never made any mistakes reminded Americans of the absurd claim Obama once made that his administration was scandal-free.

That was also obviously not true.