Bill Clinton Gave Private Advice To A Scandal-Plagued Democrat That Made Everything Worse

Bill Clinton
Photo by Hayden Schiff

Bill Clinton is losing his touch.

Clinton was known for being able to walk between the rain drops when trouble hit.

But Bill Clinton gave private advice to a scandal-plagued Democrat that just made everything worse.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in August 2021 after the State Attorney General – the bitter left-wing partisan Letitia James – released a report detailing allegations of sexual harassment and assault by 11 current or former female staffers.

Democrat operative Lis Smith served as an advisor to Cuomo beginning in 2020 at the outset of COVID.

Smith published a book entitled “Any Given Tuesday” that detailed her career including her recollections and involvement in Cuomo’s resignation.

In the book, Smith reported that every Democrat save one Cuomo talked to told Cuomo that his only option in the wake of Attorney General James’ report was to resign.

The one Democrat that told Cuomo to hang on and fight it out?

Former President Bill Clinton.

Smith wrote:

Even after the fateful call when we’d told him that his career was “over,” he tried to press on. He called each of us individually to ask our opinions, seeking a sympathetic ear or some way out of the situation he found himself in. He didn’t find one. The sole exception was former President Bill Clinton, who told him that he needed to go out and address the people of New York directly: to state that his fate was in their hands, not the politicians’. The consensus — among advisers, at least — was that unless Clinton, with his legendary political skills, was willing to do the mea culpa himself, it would do more harm than good.

Bill Clinton knows how a Democrat politician can fight through a sex scandal by not resigning.

Clinton resisted resigning during the Monica Lewinsky scandal despite the fact that the House impeached Clinton for lying under oath about his relationship with Lewinsky and Clinton losing his law license over that perjury.

However, Cuomo read the writing on the wall and resigned.

In her book, Smith detailed how the fallout from the Cuomo scandal spread far and wide.

Smith also wrote:

There was Time’s Up — the Hollywood-backed, post-#MeToo nonprofit that fully dissolved within weeks of the AG report’s release (its CEO and a board member had given behind-the-scenes advice to Cuomo). Then there were the former aides who were forced out of high-profile gigs — the president of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group in the country, and the chancellor of the 420,000-student State University of New York, among others. Chris was fired from hosting the top-rated show on CNN. And just two months later, CNN Worldwide’s president, Jeff Zucker, was pushed out of his role, in part, for crossing journalistic lines in his own relationship with Andrew.

Andrew Cuomo resigning due to sexual misconduct allegations allowed Cuomo to escape accountability for hiding the true number of COVID deaths in nursing homes following Cuomo signing an order in March 2020 mandating assisted living facilities take in COVID patients.

Critics slammed Cuomo for signing the death warrant for thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers.

Bur because Cuomo quit in the face of Attorney General James’ report Cuomo never faced a reckoning for his deadly COVID mismanagement.