Bill Clinton Is Not Going To Like This Jeffrey Epstein Bombshell Going Public

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Bill Clinton never provided a straight answer about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

There are still some mysteries that need answers.

Bill Clinton is not going to like this Jeffrey Epstein bombshell going public.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Bill Clinton’s never been entirely forthcoming about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Clinton made it seem like he and Epstein became friends after Clinton left the White House and the two sporadically traveled together.

But subsequent revelations led critics to accuse Clinton of offering misleading answers about when, where, and how Clinton first met Epstein.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, where a jury convicted Maxwell on five of six counts of sex trafficking charges, provided even more tantalizing evidence about the origins of Clinton’s association with Epstein.

To be clear, there is no evidence linking Bill Clinton to Epstein’s crimes of sexual misconduct involving underage girls.

However, embarrassing details continue to spill out.

The latest shoe to drop is a report in the Daily Mail that Jeffrey Epstein took eight women on various trips to the White House between 1993 and 1995.

All told, Epstein visited the White House 17 times during Clinton’s presidency.

The Daily Mail reports:

Many of the women Epstein took on his trips to Washington were known to have had romantic relationships with him. 

They include Celina Midelfart, then 21, Eva Andersson-Dubin, then 33, Francis Jardine, who was believed to be in her 20s, and his one-time girlfriend turned madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was 32. 

The four other women who also appear in the logs are Jennifer Garrison, Shelley Gafni, Jennifer Driver, and Lyoubov Orlova. was unable to reach the four women and confirm the purpose of their visits, however, flight logs from Epstein’s private jet tally with White House visitor records showing they were with him at the time.   

On one of the days of Epstein’s visit to the White House – July 28, 1994 – Clinton hosted a reception in the Blue Room and offered a toast.

Epstein’s mysterious death in a Manhattan jail cell and Maxwell’s conviction put a cap on the Epstein scandal.

Jeffrey Epstein took his secrets to the grave and Maxwell never told all in exchange for possible leniency.

Americans should know who the men were that conspired with Epstein and the “Johns” who committed sexual crimes against the underage girls Epstein and Maxwell trafficked.

While Bill Clinton is not one of those “Johns” the public also deserves a complete accounting of Clinton’s relationship with Epstein.

Right now, the only details the public knows about how Clinton and Epstein interacted comes from flight and White House visitor logs.

To many, that is not enough.