Brett Kavanaugh is Facing One Decision that will Decide Donald Trump’s Fate

Democrats are throwing everything against the wall to try and take down Donald Trump in 2020.

They may have finally found their silver bullet.

And now Brett Kavanaugh is facing one decision that will decide Donald Trump’s fate.

Securing the country is the most important job of the U.S. government.

But for many years, government officials have been ignoring that duty.

Instead, they are allowing illegal immigrants to flood over the border in historic numbers.

Once inside, they commit violent crimes, putting U.S. citizens at risk.

All of this can be stopped if simple steps are taken to secure the border.

A huge step towards national security is building a wall on the border.

Israel has a wall separating them from violent forces surrounding them, and it works very well.

But Democrats claim that the same won’t work in the United States.

They claim that it’s too costly, and won’t actually do much to secure the border.

But when the costs of illegal immigration are taken into account, that simply isn’t true.

Illegal immigration costs the U.S. taxpayers more than $200 billion a year and is only getting worse.

In recent months, there have been upwards of ten times more illegal migrant apprehensions than there was in the last year of former President Barack Obama’s presidency.

That is over 100,000 a month.

This number is partially due to economic improvement making the United States more appetizing to illegal immigrants, but it is also clear that President Trump is kicking border patrol into gear.

He is even convincing Mexico to kick things up with their efforts to secure the border on their side.

But these are only temporary efforts.

A wall is the only way to ensure America stays secure.

So far Democrats have been insistent that they will not let Trump build his wall.

That’s why Trump is instead working with the Pentagon and other government agencies to secure the funding through unallocated funds.

He has been able to acquire billions in funding this way.

But a federal judge just ruled that he cannot use $2.5 billion of that funding.

That $2.5 billion is being re-allocated from Defense Department counter-narcotics activities, and considering how much of a deterrent a wall will be to drug traffickers, it is money well spent.

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam, who is an Obama appointee, smacked Trump with the news last month.

But now Trump is fighting back, with his Administration going to the Supreme Court to request a new review of the decision, citing the fact that the funding would help in counter-narcotics activities.

“The practical significance of the decision below for the government’s drug-interdiction efforts would weigh strongly in favor of further review,” the government’s stay application to the high court reads.

“The decision prevents the Department of Defense from taking steps to support the Department of Homeland Security that the acting secretary of defense determined to be ‘necessary in the national interest’ to stanch the flow of illegal drugs across the southern border,” it adds.

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