Chuck Schumer Broke Down in Tears When He Heard the Bad News He Was Dreading

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats made winning control of the U.S. Senate a major goal in 2020.

The Democrats thought everything was lining up in their favor.

And then Chuck Schumer broke down in tears when he heard the bad news he was dreading.

He vowed to not let that mistake happen twice.

But he may have made a promise he can’t keep.

That’s because the 2020 US Senate map is awful for Democrats.

They only have one major target they can reasonably hope to pick up from Republicans in the form of Colorado.

Other states that Democrats want to compete in like Maine or Arizona still remain just out of reach for them.

And at the same time, Schumer has to defend a host of states that he knows Democrats are going to struggle to hold.

This includes Alabama, where a Democratic Senator is almost certainly going to go down in defeat with President Donald Trump back on the ballot in the state, as well as other prime targets for Republicans like Michigan, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.

Schumer knows that Democrats have almost no path to retaking control of the Senate next year.

But his problems just grew tenfold with this shocking new report that ignited a firestorm for Senate Democrats.

Axios reports, “In 2016, every single Senate race went to the candidate of the same party that those states voted for in the presidential election, according to a new analysis by the Democratic group One Country Project.”

This is nothing short of a devastating blow to Democrats’ hopes to retake the Senate next year.

And if the trend of states matching their Senate and Presidential election results holds, it could mean that Democrats could lose Alabama, Michigan, New Hampshire, and even Minnesota next year.

Trump is expected to either outright win or come close in all four of these states.

Two of them, Alabama and Michigan, he won in 2016 while he came within razor thin margins of carrying the other two, New Hampshire and Minnesota.

Even if Democrats win Colorado in 2020, they still would run the risk of losing three more seats in the Senate, giving Republicans a critical 56-44 seat edge in the upper chamber of Congress.

And if that happened, Chuck Schumer would likely be out of a job in no time.

“But since these Republican incumbents mostly come from states that heavily support President Trump — and considering Senate results increasingly match presidential results — this could pose another challenge for Democrats,” concludes Axios.

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(h/t American Patriot Daily)