Chuck Schumer stopped dead in his tracks when he learned this devastating news

Chuck Schumer is clinging to power by a thread.

Now Democrats are learning just how difficult a task they face this fall.

And Chuck Schumer stopped dead in his tracs when he learned this devastating news.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

2021 was a brutal year for Democrats.

The political tide has not turned in 2022.

And Chuck Schumer just got some bad news that should scare every Democrat.

Control of the United States Senate is up for grabs in November.

Currently the Senate is split at 50-50; Republicans only need to flip one seat to win back the majority.

Republicans controlling the U.S. Senate would slam the door shut once and for all on Joe Biden’s proposed nearly $5 trillion socialist spending bill.

A GOP majority would also likely stonewall virtually all of Joe Biden’s judicial nominees and would also keep a Supreme Court vacancy open until the 2024 election in the hopes a Republican defeats Biden.

There is a lot at stake.

Because of Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers and the fact that non-college-educated white and Hispanic voters continue to flee the Democrat Party, the blue state of Nevada became a crucial Senate battleground.

Entering the 2022 election cycle, Democrat incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto was thought to be safe in her bid for re-election.

But thanks to the political coalitions shifting due to demographic realignment – working-class Hispanics stunned pundits by trending towards Republicans in response to Donald Trump’s America First agenda and the Democrats’ cultural drift to the left – and Joe Biden’s failed presidency, Democrats are on the defensive in the Silver State.

Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston reported massive warning signs for Democrats.

The last quarter of 2021, three times as many Democrats and nonpartisan affiliated voters became Republicans than Democrats.

Ralston reported:

Here are some aggregate numbers since Oct. 1 (four months of data):

D to R: 1,348

R to D: 511

D-NP: 2,459

R-NP: 1,851

And I only have data for three months on this:

NP-D: 1,361

NP-R: 2,036

Ralston summed up what these numbers meant for both Democrats and Republicans in Nevada writing:

—I am sure Dems were hopeful that the Trump brand would have caused more Republicans to flee than Democrats. But the Biden brand is now proving toxic or appears to be – at least in 2021.

—These numbers are relatively small considering the 1.8 million registered voters in Nevada. But if this pattern continues well into 2022, it could well be the canary in the coal mine for a red wave.

—I still believe most of those going to the Independent American Party think they are registering as independents.

—The “Other” number should worry the Dems, too. I’ll keep an eye on that pattern, too.

If Republicans win the Senate race in Nevada, the GOP will likely oust Chuck Schumer as majority leader.

And the party registration numbers coming out of Nevada suggest the political realignment began by Donald Trump continues to accelerate.