Clarence Thomas Is Not Going To Like One Demand That Will Change the Supreme Court

Photo by Phil Roeder on Flickr

Democrats have been out for revenge ever since Donald Trump nominated three justices to the Supreme Court.

They may have finally settled on plan.

Clarence Thomas is not going to like one demand that will change the Supreme Court.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

It’s become clear in recent weeks that Clarence Thomas is now the driving force on the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice John Roberts is the nominal leader of the Court, but Thomas is the ideological cornerstone of the six-justice conservative majority.

After years of ducking the issues, the Court’s agreed to take up the most direct challenge to Roe v. Wade in a generation as well as a major Second Amendment case.

The Court may also soon decide to take a case that threatens to end affirmative action in university admissions.

This enraged the left with Connecticut Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal threatening to destroy the Supreme Court.

Blumenthal recently warned that unless the justices decide every key case in the left’s favor, Congress would pass new court-packing legislation to enshrine a new liberal majority by adding as many as six new left-wing justices.

“It will inevitably fuel and drive an effort to expand the Supreme Court if this activist majority betrays fundamental constitutional principles,” Blumenthal declared.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley cut to the heart of the matter blasting Blumenthal for an act of “thuggery” and questioning why Joe Biden would not put a stop to such talk.

“I mean this is sort of raw thuggery. This is telling these conservative justices vote with your liberal colleagues or else, we’ll take the court down if we have to. It’s incredibly reckless rhetoric,” Turley declared in an appearance on Fox News.

“And I’m just astonished that President Joe Biden has allowed this to go on,” Turley added.

There is a very good reason Biden does not shut down attempts to intimidate the Supreme Court into handing the left victories.

And that is because it is a tried and true strategy that’s paid dividends for the left in the past.

In 2012, Barack Obama directly attacked the Supreme Court for taking up a challenge to Obamacare’s individual mandate.

Obama’s intimidation tactics paid off as Chief Justice John Roberts reportedly changed his vote to uphold Obamacare’s individual mandate.

Since that decision Roberts slowly drifted to the left to provide the deciding vote in abortion, immigration and transgender rights cases in order to stave off accusations from the left that Roberts was unleashing a conservative legal revolution on America.

Blumenthal and Joe Biden know what they are doing.

Democrats hope to wear down Brett Kavanaugh by appealing to his desire to be accepted by the liberal establishment in Washington by threatening to pack the Supreme Court if he votes with Clarence Thomas and the Court’s three other conservative justices.