CNN Is Rumored To Make A Huge Firing That Will Cause All Hell To Break Loose

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CNN made a huge gamble.

It’s about to blow up in the left-wing propaganda network’s face.

And now CNN is rumored to make a huge firing that will cause all hell to break loose.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

CNN just launched CNN+, a direct-to-consumer streaming service.

Every major media company is rolling out a streaming service as younger Americans continue to ditch cable and consume media on their phones, tablets and laptops.

CNN+ was the pet project of disgraced former network President Jeff Zucker.

Zucker lured “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace over to CNN to serve as a centerpiece to the streaming service’s content lineup.

The flaw in the business model appeared in the first day.

Barely anyone watches CNN as part of their cable package.

Now CNN is asking the audience to pony up an extra six dollars a month to watch CNN’s low-rated left-wing propaganda.

Fox Business Channel reporter Charles Gasparino reported that on day one CNN already planned massive layoffs and that the streaming service would be reorganized after the merger with Discovery media officially goes through.

As evidence that CNN+ was in trouble attracting paying subscribers, CNN offered a 50% discount for a lifetime cutting the price to $2.99 per month in the first week of its existence.

The clown car nature of CNN+’s programming was on full display during its debut.

Pro-Democrat Party cheerleader Brian Stelter – who hosts the absurdly low-rated “Reliable Sources” show where left-wing journalists whine that Fox News won’t support the Democrat Party’s talking points – interviewed CNN’s original two anchors Dave Walker and Lois Hart.

Walker admitted that he grew frustrated at CNN turning into a left-wing propaganda channel.

“I used to anchor at CNN, now I just yell at CNN,” Walker told Stelter.

Walker expanded on this thought telling Stelter that CNN used to be 99 percent news, but that now its primetime lineup features liberal opinion hosts.

“Well, I think originally, it was pretty much 99 percent news content. There were a few evening programs we had, talk shows. But mainly it was the news. And that was the major concern at the time: is whether or not we could feel 24/7. As it turns out, we could. We had more than enough news,” Walker began.

“And I think, as cable news evolved and more completion came into the fray, you had more opinion, particularly in the evening hours. And I would say that’s the major difference now,” Walker added.

But Walker did express hope that the new management at Discovery would clamp down on the left-wing editorial commentary and return CNN to a network that delivered the actual news.

“But maybe with the new ownership that may revert to more just basic news coverage,” Walker concluded.