CNN Waived The White Flag On A Fight With Donald Trump That No One Could Have Predicted

Photo by dennizn on Adobe Stock

CNN’s feud with Donald Trump took a strange twist.

For years CNN smeared Trump with fake news.

And CNN waived the white flag on a fight with Donald Trump that no one could have predicted.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to reach record lows on a daily basis.

The latest example was a New York Times/Siena poll found Biden plunging to a 33 percent job approval rating.

CNN host Anderson Cooper asked polling analyst Harry Enten to put Biden’s drop in popularity – no president ever lost more public support in a quicker time frame – in perspective.

Enten pointed to Monmouth University’s polling which showed in July 2021 just 33 percent of Americans disapproved of Biden’s job as president.

Flash forward to July 22 and Biden’s disapproval number shot up to 58 percent.

Enten claimed that in July 2021 inflation was not the dominant political story as Biden continued to lie to people about inflation being “transitory.”

“A year ago, no one was saying inflation was a concern outside of [economist Larry Summers],” Enten stated. “Now, it is a clear number one issue, and we see this clear correlation as more people are concerned about inflation, Joe Biden’s disapproval rating climbs ever higher.”

Cooper then asked Enten how Biden’s low standing compared to his predecessors.

“How does President Biden stack up against other presidents at this time in [his presidency]?” Cooper asked Enten.

Enten responded that at this point in his presidency Joe Biden was the most unpopular president in the history of polling.

“Yeah, so we can look at both Joe Biden’s disapproval rating on inflation and Joe Biden’s disapproval rating overall, and what we see is his disapproval rating on inflation is topping 70%. His disapproval rating overall is still in the 50s. But, if you compare that to every single other president at this point in their first term throughout polling history, this goes all the way back since the 1940s, he is the worst on both.” Enten responded.

That meant someone on CNN was forced to admit that Joe Biden was more unpopular than Donald Trump.

CNN spent four years lying to viewers about how Donald Trump was the worst, most dishonest, and most corrupt president in American history.

The Big Lie CNN told about Trump did not even last 12 months.

Enten attributed Biden’s sinking poll numbers to inflation.

“The reason he is worst overall is because inflation is eating his presidency alive at this point.” Enten declared.

That is not entirely true.

Biden’s polling slide began in July 2021 when Biden tried to reimpose mask mandates in response to the Delta COVID wave.

Biden campaigned on a promise to “shut down the virus” but instead Biden surrendered to the forever pandemic and ordered Americans to wear masks for an indefinite period of time.

The polling downward spiral accelerated in August 2021 as the public viewed Biden as incompetent following the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Inflation cemented the image of Biden as senile and slow to respond in the minds of Americans as Biden’s socialist spending spree and war on domestic energy caused an inflation crisis Biden proved helpless to stop.