Democrats Are Going To Hate What Trey Gowdy Just Said On Fox News

Photo by prima91 on Adobe Stock

Democrats are watching their political world crumble before their very eyes.

It’s a procession of bad news.

And now Democrats are going to hate what Trey Gowdy just said on Fox News.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Trey Gowdy reacted with mockery to reports that Joe Biden’s handlers summoned corporate media members for a White House briefing where the Biden officials handed down marching orders that the press needed to produce North Korean-style propaganda coverage about the supposed greatness of the economic “boom” Joe Biden oversaw.

A recent CNBC poll found inflation was the top issue for voters.

Other polls showed Americans blamed Joe Biden’s big-spending, socialist agenda for the fact that inflation is rising at the fastest rate in nearly 4 decades.

Gowdy mocked the idea of Democrats whining about media coverage considering the corporate press is stacked to the brim with leftwing activists that tirelessly work to make sure the coverage lines up with the Democrat Party’s narrative of events.

“Democrats complaining about media coverage? I’m sure journalists do not enjoy writing negative stories about a Democratic president and in their defense, they have no experience writing negative stories about Democratic presidents,” Gowdy added that its “because they have never said anything critical about President Obama.”

But Gowdy described the state of affairs in America where Biden’s administration oversaw a disastrous drone strike in Afghanistan that murdered 10 civilians including seven children, the crisis at the southern border, runaway inflation or the failed Fauci police state to contain COVID and wondered what positive stories the media could produce.

“Then I started thinking, well exactly would you write a positive story about a drone attack that killed innocent children in Afghanistan? How exactly would you write a positive story about record-high inflation or a border that is out of control or supply chain issues or leaving Americans in Afghanistan or a resurgent virus? Honestly — I am not being facetious,” Gowdy added. “How would you write a positive story about murder rates that are soaring across the country? What would that headline even look like?”

Gowdy then told the audience that the press couldn’t write a positive story about the state of public safety in America’s largest metropolis because 12 Democrat-run cities just set a record for murders in 2021.

“I guess you could write a story where the headline was ‘murder cases soar all across the United States, but Joe Biden is not a suspect in any of them,’ Gowdy added. “I guess you could write a headline that says ‘supply chain issues resolved in time for Christmas of 2024.”

Gowdy closed his commentary by offering Biden some advice – if Biden really wanted to see what negative media coverage looked like he should join the Republican Party.

“If Joe Biden Kamala Harris really want to know what nonstop negative press works like,” Gowdy began, “just switch parties.”