Democrats Are Going To Lose Big For One Reason They Never Suspected

Photo by LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS on Adobe Stock

It’s the home stretch of the midterm campaign.

The picture is coming into focus.

And Democrats are going to lose big for one reason they never suspected.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Joe Biden is on the road to ruin.

His administration has squandered a sound economy and booming post-COVID recovery that Donald Trump left him, and after nearly two years of Biden at the helm, the ship appears to be going down at breathtaking speed.

Now, even issues that were once a top Democrat strength in the polls are causing Biden political headaches.

And there’s one secret issue that is threatening to demolish Biden’s standing in the polls and his Democrat majorities in Congress more than any other.

Fox News reports, “A ‘Face the Nation’ focus group featuring a Republican, Democrat and an independent unanimously agreed that ‘woke culture’ has become a prime concern for parents raising children in America.

“In a segment called ‘Eye on America: Election Influencers,’ CBS host Margaret Brennan asked a group of parents to get candid about the issues they’ll prioritize when voting and their struggles raising kids in a post-pandemic era.”

And the results of this focus group were a giant wake-up call for Democrats.

For generations, the party dominated on the issue of education.

The party was able to thread the needle on pandering to union bosses on one hand, while also making it appear like they cared about the concerns of parents and students on the other.

And with their strong support among teachers’ unions across the country, Democrats routinely racked up big margins among voters in opinion polls related to education for decades.

But now, there are growing signs that that domination is finally coming crashing down, and the demise of the Democrats on the education front threatens to bring the entire party down with it.

“The whole woke culture affecting our children, all these elementary, middle schools having woke culture pushed on them from the LGBTQ+ community for sexual identify and gender. We should be pushing the actual school studies. Math, social studies, science,” said one Republican on the focus group. “Not gender studies.”

Even a Democrat who participated in the interviews agreed with these concerns.

“I can agree with some of his points,” the Democrat said. “I will say sex education, I feel like some things are brought to the children’s attention they wouldn’t even think about. Children are really influenced. You can teach them one thing at home, but when they go to school, they’re just as much influenced by their teachers and their surroundings.”

The Democrats’ relentless focus on issues like gender ideology and Critical Race Theory are what’s ruining the party’s standing among parents when it comes to education, and even Democrat voters are starting to come around to realize that their elected officials are going way too far.

And that is a recipe for political disaster for Joe Biden and his party leaders.