Democrats Are Privately Panicking About This Key Race

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Control of Congress is on the ballot this November.

Democrats are projecting outward confidence.

But Democrats are privately panicking about this key race.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The Pennsylvania Senate race is critical to both parties’ paths to control the majority.

For months Democrat nominee radical socialist Lt. Governor John Fetterman poured millions into attack ads pummeling Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Polls showed Fetterman with high single-digit or double-digit leads thanks to this financial advantage as well as Dr. Oz’s inability to unite the conservative base.

Despite Donald Trump endorsing Dr. Oz conservatives distrusted Oz.

That’s because in his capacity as Oprah’s celebrity TV doctor Dr. Oz endorsed gun control, abortion on demand and transgender surgeries for minor children.

But Fetterman suffered a massive stroke in May that nearly killed him.

Ever since, Fetterman’s handlers hid their candidate in his basement for months and only had Fetterman out for short appearances to limit the ability of voters to see how badly Fetterman is physically and cognitively impaired.

Now Fetterman’s campaign manager Brendan McPhillips circulated a memo to Democrat donors sounding the alarm about a financial advantage Dr. Oz and the Republicans amassed through tens of millions of dollars in spending from outside groups.

“I am writing with a wake-up call,” McPhillips wrote. “In the last three weeks alone, Republicans have spent nearly $12 million dollars — significantly outspending us and out-communicating on the airwaves. We cannot allow this to continue unabated.”

And in recent weeks Republicans outspent Democrats by $7 million on TV ads.

“And the GOP has indeed enjoyed an edge on TV in the last few weeks in Pennsylvania. An analysis of data from AdImpact, an ad-tracking firm, shows that the combined TV ad spending by Oz and GOP outside groups began overtaking the combined totals of Fetterman and Democratic allies on the week of Aug. 23. Republicans are on pace to outspend Democrats $24 million to $17 million between then and the first full week of October,” POLITICO reported.

The spending and voters realizing Fetterman is not well took their toll on the Democrat’s poll numbers.

A brand-new Trafalgar Group poll showed the race tightening to two points.

Since John Fetterman’s stroke renders him unable to actively campaign due to the fact that Fetterman cannot stand on his feet for any length of time, nor can he speak in coherent and complete sentences, Fetterman’s campaign is completely dependent on TV ads.

And if Republicans are outspending Democrats on TV ads in Pennsylvania Fetterman’s chances of victory shrink dramatically.