Democrats Are Terrified About One Looming Hillary Clinton 2024 Announcement

Photo by Lorie Shaull on Flickr

Democrats may face a wide open 2024 presidential primary.

Many in the party are preparing for Joe Biden not to seek re-election.

And Democrats are terrified about one looming Hillary Clinton 2024 announcement.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Americans are wondering why they are starting to see more of Hillary Clinton in the media.

Clinton’s made multiple appearances on MSNBC – including a plum interview segment on Rachel Maddow’s TV program – where Clinton apologizes for losing to Donald Trump and baselessly claimed that Donald Trump threatened to destroy American democracy for good if Trump won again in 2024.

The two-time failed presidential candidate also hosted a “MasterClass” seminar with “Today Show” host Willie Geist where Clinton read the victory speech she planned to deliver on election night 2016.

Naturally, the speech focused mainly on the fact that Clinton was the first woman president.

Clinton stayed out of the political spotlight for years.

Now Clinton suddenly thrust herself back into the conversation.

That led to everyone in Washington asking the obvious question as to what Clinton was up to.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine – who helped break the Hunter Biden laptop story – believed she had the answer.

Devine told Fox News that Clinton still harbored the desire to be president and Devine believed Clinton’s media blitz was the first step into forcing Democrats to nominate the 2016 loser for a third time.

“I think it tells you more about the state of the Democratic Party than it does about poor America, that they are even considering Hillary Clinton, that she isn’t just being laughed out of school for popping her head up above the parapet, from so desperately and so obviously having her hand up and saying ‘pick me, take me!’ The master class, so-called, that she gave the other day that people pay $20 a month to watch, in which she read her undelivered victory speech and then cried at the end of it with no real tears, that was her begging the American people and begging the Democratic Party to look at her as the alternative to Joe Biden, because after all, she is younger than him,” Devine began.

Devine explained that Clinton issuing a dire warning about the supposed “threat” Donald Trump posed to democracy combined with Clinton reading her 2016 victory speech was a psychological ploy by Clinton to plant seeds in the minds of Democrats that Donald Trump wronged Clinton in 2016 and that Clinton is the only Democrat capable of defeating Trump in 2024.

“It’s going to be a nightmare. And really, the subtext is that only Hillary Clinton, who was so narrowly cheated of victory against Donald Trump in 2016, only she can save America. And that is her shtick. She won’t stop – she will do it until her last breath, she wants to vindicate herself.”