Democrats Don’t Want You To See This Photo Of Joe Biden

Photo by National Renewable Energy Lab on Flickr

The left is in total damage control mode.

Scandals are piling up at the Biden White House.

And Democrats don’t want you to see this photo of Joe Biden.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Joe Biden used a White House speech to clarify the dangerous comments Biden made in Poland calling for regime change in Russia.

During the press conference a cameraman snapped a photo of Joe Biden holding cue cards with a pre-printed question and answer about his statement that Vladimir Putin could no longer remain in power.

Lo and behold, that was the exact question a reporter asked Biden and Biden did his best to keep his addled mind on track and read the script his handlers prepared for him.

“I was expressing the moral outrage I felt toward this man. I wasn’t articulating a policy change,” Biden told reporters.

Biden added that his claim that Putin must be removed was just ‘aspirational’ in nature.

“I was expressing my outrage at the behavior of this man. It’s outrageous. It’s outrageous and it’s more of an aspiration than anything – he shouldn’t be in power,” Biden added.

Biden continued on claiming he accepted the reality that bad guys can lead nations.

“People like this shouldn’t be ruling countries, but they do … doesn’t mean I can’t voice my outrage about it,” Biden stated.

Biden then claimed it was absurd that anyone would believe that the president of the United States calling for the removal of a world leader meant the United States intended to remove that world leader.

“It’s ridiculous. Nobody believes we’re going to take down… I was talking about taking down Putin,” Biden exclaimed. “Nobody believes that.”

Biden then claimed the United States would not have to act to remove Putin because the Russian people would rise up and overthrow Putin due to Putin destroying Russia’s economy and standing in the world.

“If he continues on this course that he’s on, he is going to be a pariah worldwide, and who knows what he becomes at home in terms of support?” Biden concluded.

Critics routinely accused Joe Biden of running scripted press conferences where friendly liberal reporters submit questions in advance so Biden’s handlers can prepare scripted answers for Biden to read.

Trusting Biden to speak off the cuff is dangerous.

The last time Biden’s handlers let that happen Biden nearly started World War Three on three different occasions.