Democrats Just Blindsided Joe Biden With One Ultimatum

Photo by Dm on Adobe Stock

Joe Biden’s position as leader of the Democrats is not feeling very secure.

Biden’s own party is turning on him.

And now Democrats just blindsided Joe Biden with one ultimatum.

As Great American Daily reports:

Joe Biden had been planning on launching his 2024 presidential re-election campaign at some point in January.

After floating the idea of running for a second term throughout 2022, Biden made it all but official that he would be formally kicking off his re-election campaign at some point after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

But now, those plans could be scrapped altogether.

And it’s all thanks to a series of demands that were given to Joe Biden by several top-ranking Democrat political operatives.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Biden can and should take his time considering a reelection campaign and a potential announcement, according to attorney and former aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Christopher Hahn.”

Hahn has been a high-ranking political hack within the Democratic Party for years.

After working with Schumer in the Senate, he now hosts a left-wing podcast that draws considerable attention from the Democratic Party’s bloc of voters.

And by publicly coming out against a potential re-election announcement in early 2023, Hahn has essentially deserted Biden at a critical moment.

“Most Americans think the presidential election starts way too early,” Hahn said when asked about Biden’s plan to declare he’s running again in the coming weeks. “A decision by early March is completely appropriate and in line with most modern incumbents. Should he choose not to run, others have all the time they need to mount a campaign.”

Hahn’s comments are being echoed by other voices on the Left who want to claim it is far too early for Biden to be officially launching a re-election campaign.

But while these criticisms may sound mild at face-value, they could be part of a larger effort to dump Biden and replace him with someone who is less polarizing and unpopular.

Biden remains one of the least popular presidents in the history of America, and his standing in the polls has not changed much since the midterm elections.

As a result, many Democrats are fearing that 2024 could end up being a serious loss for the party due to Biden’s inability to inspire Democrats or convert Independents into supporting him.

And with opinion polls already showing Biden is in deep trouble in any potential second election bid, it’s little surprise to see several high-ranking Democrat officials coming out against a re-election announcement at this point in time.

“Public polling suggesting Biden should become the ‘bridge’ to other Democratic leaders he pledged to be on the 2020 campaign trail is one more contemplation. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll conducted this month found 50% of respondents believe a president should ideally be aged between 51 and 65 years,” concludes the Washington Examiner.