Democrats Just Lost This Major Voter Fraud Case

GPA / Photo Archive / Flickr Creative Commons

An audit of a key state’s vote is moving forward.

The left was dreading this day.

And that’s because Democrats just lost this major voter fraud case.

As Great American Daily reports:

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals handed the Public Interest Legal Foundation a major victory in a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina by allowing the group to inspect North Carolina’s voter rolls to look for noncitizens who potentially could have cast illegal ballots.

The opinion stood up for honest and fair elections by writing “that the Board’s efforts in the present case to identify non-citizen registrants qualify as a ‘program’ or ‘activity’ to ensure an accurate list of eligible voters.”

A lower court dismissed a 2019 lawsuit brought by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, but the Fourth Circuit vacated that decision.

“Because discovery was not conducted, we cannot discern on this record whether [PILF] may be entitled to disclosure of some of the documents requested,” the majority opinion added.

The court noted there was good reason for the Public Interest Legal Foundation to want to inspect the voter rolls as the State Board of Elections previously disclosed nearly 800 noncitizens were on the rolls and eligible to cast ballots.

“The record here shows that, at a minimum, the Board has disclosed to the United States Attorney documents involved in grand jury investigations of 789 individuals statewide,” the justices added.

Public Interest Legal Foundation President Christian Adams celebrated the decision as a win for election integrity.

“North Carolina had tried to prevent the public from inspecting records related to noncitizens registering and voting in our elections,” Adams’ statement read.

Adams continued on stating that that this win could help restore faith in elections by noting the true extent of noncitizens on North Carolina voter rolls and who could potentially cast ballots.

“Federal law presumes that election records are public,” Adams added. “The Fourth Circuit vacated the lower court’s dismissal of the case. This is an important win because it means that the public’s right to know about election vulnerabilities has been vindicated.”

Every ballot by an illegal voter disenfranchises a legal American voter.

And there is reason to believe this is a problem.

Researchers from Old Dominion published a study in 2014 claiming that 14 percent of noncitizens said they were registered to vote.

The study alleged that 6.4 percent of noncitizens cast ballots in 2008 and 2.2 percent of noncitizens voted in 2010.

Despite the claims made by corporate media and the Democrats, there is some level of fraud in elections.

It should be as hard as humanly possible to cheat.

This lawsuit victory by the Public Interest Legal Foundation will allow voters in North Carolina for the first time to see the extent to which their elections are vulnerable to potential voter fraud.

And that is the last thing many Democrats want to see.