Democrats Made This Huge Mistake That Could Cost Them The 2020 Election

Donald Trump set a trap for the Democrats in the upcoming Presidential race.

And the Democrats just walked right into it.

That’s when Democrats realized they made this huge mistake that could cost them the 2020 election.

As Conservative Revival reports:

And that’s the problem with Democrats. They don’t think about the future. Instead, they rely on instant gratification to appease voters (and to guide the country).

Trump, on the other hand, makes calculated moves to better his position. This has been true of his life in business, and it’s no less accurate as he’s cemented himself a cunning politician.

Democrats can’t stand it. While he’s making moves that he knows will pay off in years, they’re fighting battles that won’t matter in a few days.

Unfortunately for them, Trump’s plans could come back to haunt them in 2020.

As most Americans recall, in 2018, President Trump dramatically altered the tax code. It was one of the most substantial alterations to the American tax code in recent history. In 2018 President Trump passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which helped give 82 percent of middle-class earners a sizeable tax cut.

Democrats tried to downplay the tax cut because people’s refunds were smaller in 2019. But as economics experts correctly pointed out, refund amounts shouldn’t be the measure by which a tax program is rated. The amount a person keeps is.

And Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered withholding amounts in such a way that the average worker got to keep more of their check than they had been used to.

A refund, as Trump pointed out, is money the government holds onto (that wasn’t rightly theirs) and returns to Americans after their taxes were filed.

While Democrats seem to think the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is going to harm Trump, it’s probably going to work out in his favor.


It’s quite simple. Some states with the highest tax rates are seeing a mass exodus of blue-voting citizens exiting their states and heading to red states. I.e., Californians are moving to Texas, and New Yorkers are moving to Colorado. The reason they’re fleeing is so they can lower their tax burden.

Their decision to move is smart from a tax-savings perspective.

In fact, the movement of high-earning Democrats from blue states to red states is so extreme that governors are predicting colossal budget shortfalls. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo ran the numbers and said they’d be $2.3 billion short in tax revenue this year.

As they leave and as taxes rise higher and higher, the backlash won’t be aimed at Trump, it’ll be aimed at the Democrat overlords who are trying to reclaim tax revenue from already cash-strapped Americans.

Predominantly blue states may shift red as already taxed-to-death voters realize Democrats don’t plan on letting up. And so, they may shift allegiance. From blue to red. From Democrat to Republican. From Hillary (or whoever the Democrats favor at the time) to Trump.

Never in their wildest dreams did the Democrats think Trump’s ambitious plans to alter the tax code could come back to hurt them. And yet here we are, 15 months away from an election and a Democrat House in disarray and Trump riding rising poll numbers.