Democrats’ Minds Will Melt When They See What Elon Musk Did

Photo by NVIDIA Corporation on Flickr

The left is in an uproar over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter.

All hell is breaking loose.

Democrats’ minds will melt when they see what Elon Musk did.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Elon Musk completed his $44 billion purchase of Twitter and immediately began clearing out the rot.

Musk sought to get a handle on the company’s financial losses by laying off 3,000 employees.

“Regarding Twitter’s reduction in force, unfortunately there is no choice when the company is losing over $4M/day. Everyone [who] exited was offered 3 months of severance, which is 50% more than legally required,” Musk wrote.

Musk cleaned out the woke activists that worked on all the teams given lefty buzzword names that covered up the fact that their job was to censor speech that made the Democrat Party look bad.

But what was most interesting about the liberal meltdown on Twitter was the fact that corporate media activists ripped off the mask and admitted their belief that Twitter’s main purpose was curating the American political debate to keep information and news stories that could negatively affect the Democrat Party’s electoral prospects away from the American people.

In a jaw-dropping article NBC News worried that Musk firing the censors the weekend before the midterm election somehow means Americans cannot get “reliable” information.

NBC News exclusively reported:

Mass layoffs at Twitter on Friday battered the teams primarily responsible for keeping the platform free of misinformation, potentially hobbling the company’s capabilities four days before the end of voting in Tuesday’s midterm elections, one current and six former Twitter employees familiar with the cuts told NBC News, five of whom had been recently laid off.

Two former Twitter employees and one current employee warned the layoffs could bring chaos around the elections, as they hit especially hard on teams responsible for the curation of trending topics and for the engineering side of “user health,” which works on content moderation and site integrity. The seven people asked to withhold their names out of worry over professional retribution and because they weren’t authorized to speak for the company.

Americans got reliable information for decades before Twitter existed.

What NBC means by “reliable” information is typical “1984” Newspeak in that to the media “reliable” information is actually lies that serve the Democrat Party’s purpose such as the falsehood that Hunter Biden’s laptop was the product of Russian disinformation.

So-called “disinformation” reporters – like the ones at NBC – melted down because their true job is to police the internet for narratives and memes that undercut Democrat Party talking points or turn Democrats into the object of ridicule.

When these “disinformation” reporters catch wind of viral content that embarrasses Democrats they had a direct line to the Twitter censors to report the “objectionable” speech.

Twitter would then censor or shadow ban – limit the visibility of – whatever topic was causing Democrats problems.

Now that Democrats lost that ability to influence the Twitter censors, the left no longer possess the absolute power to tilt elections’ outcomes in their favor by managing what news the American people see on Twitter.