Democrats Sent Joe Biden One Letter That Could Force Him To Resign For Kamala Harris

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The questions surrounding Joe Biden’s physical and mental health continue to grow.

Even Democrats appear to be worried.

Now Democrats sent Joe Biden one letter that could force him to resign for Kamala Harris.

As Great American Daily reports:

Donald Trump argued Joe Biden was mentally shot and in decline during the 2020 campaign.

Biden provided plenty of fodder for this attack.

On several occasions Biden could not name the state he was in and at one event could not tell his wife from his sister.

Over 30 House Democrats sent a letter to Joe Biden that is raising red flags about Biden’s mental decline and if members of his own party do not believe him of sound mind to execute his duties.

These Democrats—led by California Congressman Ted Lieu—urged Biden to give up his sole authority to order a nuclear attack.

“As president, two of your most critical and solemn duties are the security of the country and the safeguarding of its nuclear arsenal,” the letter read.

“However, vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” the Democrats argued.

The Democrats worried that Biden could order a nuclear strike without consulting any advisors and the military would have no choice but to obey the Commander-in-Chief and carry out the nuclear strike.

“While any president would presumably consult with advisors before ordering a nuclear attack, there is no requirement to do so,” the Democrats’ letter added, “The military is obligated to carry out the order if they assess it is legal under the laws of war.”

“Under the current posture of U.S. nuclear forces, that attack would happen in minutes,” the Democrats warned.

The letter listed a number of alternatives such as the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General certifying that the order was legal, the Vice President and Speaker of the House concur on the order or a committee weighs in.

But all the options have one thing in common.

And that is the fact that Democrats do not trust Joe Biden’s decision-making ability which is raising concerns among some citizens that even members of his own party worry Bidenmay forget where he is and think it’s 1962 with the Russians putting missiles in Cuba and order a strike, so Democrats need to install safeguards in the form of babysitters even if it undermines the authority of the Commander-in-Chief.

Ted Lieu won his first election in 2014 meaning he served in Congress the last two years of Barack Obama’s term in office.

There is no record of anyone asking Obama to surrender his authority over ordering a nuclear launch.

This letter—combined with the eyebrow-raising revelation that Vice President Kamala Harris conducted head of state calls—is leading many to wonder just how long Biden intends to serve as President and if he will eventually step aside and allow Kamala Harris to take over.