Devin Nunes Filed This Lawsuit Against CNN. It Caused all Hell to Break Loose

CNN hosts thought they could get away with trying to destroy President Trump and his supporters with fake news and lies.

They made a grave error.

And now Devin Nunes filed this lawsuit against CNN. It caused all hell to break loose.

Late last year fake news CNN published what was thought to be a “bombshell” story.

Indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas’ lawyer leaked to CNN that Parnas met in Vienna with California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes to gather political opposition research on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Nunes strongly denied the allegation, but CNN ran the hoax story anyway.

Nunes is one of the chief boogeymen on the left and in the fake news media because Nunes led House Republicans in exposing the hoaxes surrounding Russian Collusion and the Ukraine conspiracy theories.

Fake news CNN ran this report in hopes of sidelining Nunes as the impeachment process progressed much in the same way Democrats forced Nunes to step back from his role as Chairman of the House intelligence Committee during the Russia hoax investigation by smearing him with baseless ethics complaints.

But fake news CNN majorly miscalculated.

Instead of curling up in a fetal position and surrendering as CNN had hoped, Nunes slapped the fake news cable channel with a $435 million dollar lawsuit.

And as the case progressed, fake news CNN essentially admitted they had no defense.

In an interview with Breitbart, Nunes revealed that fake news CNN’s lawyers missed a Judge’s deadline to file a response to Nunes’ motion.

Nunes explained that this could only mean that his lawsuit had CNN dead to rights on publishing a fake story to smear him.

“Well, they refused to answer,” Nunes told Breitbart. “The only logical answer as to why they’re refusing to answer our complaint is because they have no evidence. The only evidence they have is from a lawyer who’s trying to cut a deal with Adam Schiff and the Democrats to try to get leniency or immunity from his impending prosecution by the Justice Department for major federal crimes.”

“The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. I think it shows how corrupt the media has become. Now they have embroiled AT&T. A lot of people forget AT&T — a major U.S. company — they bought Time Warner. They own CNN. They have just refused — no matter how much evidence there is — they have refused to do anything. They have refused to take down this story. Look, I have — this has a lot to do with impeachment. Every night, CNN runs fake stuff on Lev Parnas attacking the president of the United States and supporting the impeachment. I don’t know what the federal judge is going to do, but right now, they are in defiance of a federal judge who has ordered them to answer to my complaint, and they’re not doing it.”

Fake news CNN recently settled a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann after CNN smeared him as a racist at last year’s March for Life.

Now fake news CNN could be on the hook for hundreds of millions more in damages because the network cannot break its addiction to fake news that they think advances an anti-Trump narrative.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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