Donald Trump Could Not Believe What This Audit of 2020 Ballots Turned Up

GPA PHOTO ARCHIVE, US Dept. of State / Creative Commons

Donald Trump’s kept his eye on audits of key states from the 2020 election.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And Donald Trump could not believe what this audit of 2020 ballots turned up.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Donald Trump claimed massive voter fraud stole the state’s Electoral College votes and handed them to Joe Biden.

Georgia was one of the states that authorized the ballot drop box and some local election officials sent out mail-in voting applications without state approval in response to the pandemic.

Trump and his supporters worried Democrats exploited these rushed changes to turn the 2020 election into the Wild West.

Democrats and their allies in the corporate media claimed the 2020 election was the most safe and secure in American history just four years after convincing significant numbers of Democrat voters that the Russians manipulated the vote totals with all their false claims that the 2016 election was “hacked.”

Election officials in Fulton County provided data for the 37 ballot drop boxes used in the 2020 election.

The findings were disturbing.

Fulton County did not have chain of custody records for 24 percent of the ballots transmitted from these risky drop boxes.

“An analysis of the 30 files provided to The Star News by Fulton County on May 3 shows they contain only 1,180 absentee ballot transfer forms, 385 fewer than the 1,565 absentee ballot transfer forms Fulton County’s own spreadsheet document said those 30 files should contain,” The Georgia Star News reports.

The Georgia Star News also reported that the number of ballots lacking a chain of custody form totaled 18,000—which was greater than Joe Biden’s 12,000 vote margin of victory in the Peach State.

“The total number of absentee ballots whose chain of custody was purportedly documented in these 385 missing Fulton County absentee ballot transfer forms was 18,901, more than 6,000 votes greater than the less than 12,000 vote margin of Biden’s certified victory in the state,” The Georgia Star News also reported.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger—who was the corporate media’s number one witness testifying as to the safety and security of the 2020 election in Georgia—blasted Fulton County officials for breaking the law and destroying confidence in elections.

Raffensperger wrote on Twitter:

Restoring confidence in our elections is going to be impossible as long as Fulton County’s elections leadership continues to fail the voters of Fulton County and the voters of Georgia. They need new leadership to step up and take charge.

New revelations that Fulton County is unable to produce all ballot drop box transfer documents will be investigated thoroughly, as we have with other counties that failed to follow Georgia rules and regulations regarding drop boxes. This cannot continue.

Conservative commentator Mollie Hemingway noted one reason Republican election commissioners in Fulton County did not want to vote to certify the results was because of the lack of chain of custody documentation for thousands of ballots.

“Inability to demonstrate custody of the ballots as secure was one of five substantive reasons why Republican election commissioners in Fulton couldn’t and wouldn’t vote to certify the Election in November,” Hemingway wrote.

No matter what comes of this investigation it will not alter the results of the November election.

Donald Trump will not win Georgia’s Electoral College votes.

And Donald Trump will not be reinstated as president.

But these allegations are worth investigating and they could help answer questions millions of Americans have about the 2020 election.