Donald Trump Dropped The Hammer On This RINO Sellout That Proved Trump Wasn’t Messing Around

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The GOP establishment stabbed conservatives in the back once again.

RINOs in the swamp thought they could get away with a betrayal of their base.

And Donald Trump dropped the hammer on this RINO sellout that proved Trump wasn’t messing around.

As Great American Daily reports:

Donald Trump was red with rage.

Trump’s anger was well justified.

And then Donald Trump took one RINO traitor to the woodshed over an ugly betrayal.

Donald Trump blasted anti-gun RINO Texas Senator John Cornyn for selling out conservatives on the Second Amendment.

Trump slammed Cornyn for agreeing to a deal that served as the first step to wholesale gun bans and confiscation.

“The deal on ‘Gun Control’ currently being structured and pushed in the Senate by the Radical Left Democrats, with the help of Mitch McConnell, RINO Senator John Cornyn of Texas, and others, will go down in history as the first step in the movement to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY,” President Trump posted on Truth Social. “Republicans, be careful what you wish for!!!”

The surrender Cornyn agreed to will now ban any American who could otherwise legally purchase a firearm if they did something stupid as a juvenile even if the offense was decades in the past.

This legislation will now allow the government to confiscate the firearms of anyone who got into an argument on a date and includes red flag confiscation laws which Democrats can use to seize the firearms of Trump supporters for posting on social media that they question the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine or the outcome of the 2020 election.

In comments defending the gun grab Cornyn accused anyone that defended the Constitution and supported Second Amendment rights of wanting to see gunmen shoot kids in schools.

“I’m committed to getting a result here. And I understand that some people are unwilling to listen,” Cornyn whined after being booed out of the building at the Texas Republican convention. “I was there to explain my position and why I believed it would not jeopardize Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. And some people didn’t want to hear about it.

“There are a lot of people who say: ‘do something’. And I think doing nothing to them would be a terrible disappointment,” Cornyn added. “I don’t think any parent should have to fear for the safety of their child at school. And I don’t think any child should be afraid to go to school.”

Anti-gun RINO John Cornyn is now a pariah in the conservative movement.

For years Cornyn pretended to be a stalwart defender of gun rights and the conservative movement.

But Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy and others admitted that gun grabbers plan to pocket the gains from this deal and come back for more gun control at a later date now that they know weak RINOs like John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell will roll over without putting up a fight.

And that’s why Donald Trump was right to call out Cornyn for opening the door to mass gun confiscation.

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