Donald Trump Let Sean Hannity In On A Secret That You Won’t Believe

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Democrats are going to be furious with what Donald Trump just did.

It happened on live TV.

And Donald Trump let Sean Hannity in on a secret that you won’t believe.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Trump joined Sean Hannity on Hannity’s Fox News Channel show for another interview.

Hannity usually asks Trump about his 2024 intentions, but this time Hannity told Trump he would not because he understood Trump could not answer the question for campaign finance law reasons.

Instead, Hannity asked Trump what changes he would make in a second term if he won re-election.

“I know you would not answer the question if I ask you now,” Hannity stated before asking Trump “just one thing – just one – that you would do differently a second time.”

Trump delivered an answer no one expected.

In his answer, Trump told Hannity he would spend less time jousting with the fake news media.

Trump explained that he understood the pro-Democrat partisans at CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the corporate media were just going to lie about him no matter what he did.

Instead, Trump told Hannity he would devote his energy to pushing his agenda through Congress.

“Well, look, there are many things that you’d do differently. We had an incredible administration with tax cuts and regulation cuts and rebuilding the military and Warp Speed and think of this, just Space Force. We did so many things,” Trump began.

“But I think one of the things that I would do differently, you know, I found the media is so corrupt that I would really not focus on them almost at all. I’d just focus on getting the job done for the American people. You cater to the media, you deal with the media. They’re very dishonest, they write opposite things, they have sources that aren’t sources. They’re unbelievably dishonest, hence the name, fake news. I mean they’re fake news. And I think really I’d focus on getting the job done, getting our country back. Our country has never been in a worse position than it is right now,” Trump concluded.

Trump was the most media-savvy president that ever entered office.

Donald Trump spent years as a celebrity in television and business where tabloids covered him extensively.

But Trump’s relationship with the press changed the instant Trump become a legitimate threat to win the presidency.

The media collectively decided to advance a lie that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

And then members of the media began falsely claiming that Trump “botched” the response to the COVID pandemic.

The press pushed this falsehood even though more Americans died of COVID in Joe Biden’s first year in office than Trump’s last despite the fact Trump left Biden three vaccines.

So-called journalists work on behalf of the Democrat Party agenda and will tell whatever lie they have to in service of advancing the left’s goal.

Trump explained to Hannity he realized this reality and his second term would see less dealing with the opposition press and more focus on implementing Trump’s agenda.