Donald Trump Makes Surprising Comments About The 2020 Election

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The 2020 election was one of the closest in American history.

It did not go the way President Trump wanted.

Donald Trump took everyone by surprise with one admission about the 2020 election.

As Great American Daily reports:

Donald Trump sat for an interview with GB News’s Farage — who helped lead the Brexit campaign in 2016 — for an interview about the 2024 election.

In the interview Farage — who strongly supported Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns — asked Trump about the gigantic $787 million settlement that Fox News paid out to Dominion Voting Systems.

“Fox, which has been an incredibly important channel in the States, just paid out a large sum of money,” Farage stated.

Dominion sued Fox News for defamation after hosts aired claims made by Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani that the company’s voting machines switched votes from Trump to Biden.

Fox News settled the case after a hostile judge made several controversial rulings limiting the defenses available for trial although many legal experts thought those rulings made it likely Fox could get any verdict and damages awarded by a jury tossed on appeal.

Trump told Farage that Fox News should have fought the lawsuit and not rolled over and surrendered.

“It’s incredible that they did that. If you think of what they did, they are a platform. That would mean anybody that goes onto a platform that says something wrong, you’re going to sue the platform? It’s ridiculous why they paid this money,” Trump began before restating his complaints about the 2020 election.

Farage interjected to say that he was asking Trump the very question of how he planned to win the 2024 election if his campaign focused on grievances about 2020.

“My point to you is if you’re going to win this next year, in November 2024, you’re not going to win it talking about what happened last time. Haven’t you got to send a positive message?” Farage shot back.

Trump pointed out that he never once mentioned the 2020 election in their conversation and that Farage was the one who brought it up.

“But Nigel, you brought it up. You brought this up to me. I didn’t bring it up. You mentioned something…. It doesn’t mean that out of a one-hour speech, I’m going to devote half of it to that. I might devote 10 seconds to it,” Trump declared.

Republicans cannot win in 2024 if the election is a referendum on Donald Trump and the 2020 contest.

GOP candidates that made relitigating the 2020 election the central component of their 2022 campaign message lost swing races.

But Republicans can win the next election if they focus the election on the question in voters’ minds as to if Joe Biden deserves four more years in office.

If the election is a referendum on Joe Biden then whoever the Republicans nominate will win.

And that is why Donald Trump is trying to avoid all talk about what happened in 2020.