Donald Trump Told A Truth About Dr. Fauci That Will Leave You Speechless

Photo by The White House on Flickr

Dr. Fauci is one of the most controversial and polarizing government officials in America.

But there is something about Fauci’s tenure that no one knew.

And Donald Trump told a truth about Dr. Fauci that will leave you speechless.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows promoted his new book “The Chief’s Chief” in an interview with Breitbart News Daily podcast host Alex Marlow.

One of the enduring questions from the Trump presidency is why Donald Trump did not fire Dr. Fauci when Dr. Fauci engaged in shameless self-promotion and partisan advocacy on behalf of Joe Biden.

On issues like lockdowns, mask mandates, keeping schools closed and herd immunity Dr. Fauci lied, moved the goal posts and pushed for more restrictive measures than Trump was willing to support.

Meadows admitted there were discussions about firing Dr. Fauci over Fauci’s rogue and unscientific TV statements.

“There were lot of discussions early on — and even later on — in terms of asking Dr. Fauci to use his talents elsewhere, primarily because he would go on TV and say things that either had not been discussed in the [COVID-19] task force or were opposite of what we had recommended,” Meadows admitted.

But Meadows confessed that Trump instead brought in Dr. Scott Atlas to provide an actual scientific perspective.

Dr. Atlas was a Stanford neurosurgeon who took an actual data-driven approach to the pandemic and opposed lockdowns and mask mandates.

“The decision was made — and in spite of a few people recommending that he’d be terminated — to let [Anthony Fauci] stay on,” Meadows added, “That’s when Dr. Scott Atlas was brought in to provide a different perspective, and … that’s kind of the way the president makes decisions, even with people he disagrees with, letting them make decisions, letting them come in to actually give their opinion, and then trying to discern the truth out of that.”

Dr. Atlas became Trump’s chief advisor while lockdown fanatics like Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx found themselves spending less time with President Trump.

Meadows added that political considerations played a role in Trump not firing Dr. Fauci as firing Fauci would have ignited a firestorm in the middle of the 2020 campaign and fed the false narrative that Trump did not follow the science.

“[Anthony Fauci] obviously had some allies within the West Wing,” Meadows told Marlow. “At the end of the day, I think there was a decision that — [given] his background with NIH and his insight — firing him right before a November 3rd election perhaps would send the wrong message that we’re not taking science seriously, which there was nothing further from the truth.”

Meadows explained that if it were up to Fauci the government would have locked Americans in their homes for months on end whereas Trump tried to balance safety with freedom, liberty and the economic well-being of the nation, considerations Dr. Fauci never took into account.

“We wanted science to dictate our decisions, but also, understand that freedom and liberty [were] something that needed to be preserved. The lockdowns [and] ’15 days to slow the spread’ was very problematic, because we’re still in partial lockdowns across some of the country. [We were] balancing those out and trying to make sure that we didn’t make Dr. Fauci the issue as much as we made the policy the issue,” Meadows added.

But Meadows did concede that firing or reassigning Dr. Fauci was probably the right move.

“In retrospect, having Dr. Fauci have less of a role would have been more appropriate,” Meadows concluded.