Donald Trump Will Not Be Happy When He Hears What Laura Ingraham Said About Trump In 2024

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Donald Trump wants to run for President in 2024.

But Trump got some bad news.

And Donald Trump will not be happy when he hears what Laura Ingraham said about Trump in 2024.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

A staple of Donald Trump’s foreign policy was opposition to nation-building and endless foreign wars.

Even though Laura Ingraham’s been a longtime supporter of Trump and the America First agenda, Ingraham admitted to independent journalist Glenn Greenwald that she used to support the Iraq War and the neocon fantasy of America spreading democracy across the globe through military intervention.

Ingraham’s admission came in the course of an interview with Greenwald about the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine, which Ingraham said many in both parties hoped to use as a pretext to start another war.

“Tonight, members of Congress from both parties are telling Fox that they believe Russia is likely to invade Ukraine,” Ingraham stated. “And I do get the sense that the D.C. beltway, inside-the-beltway crowd is desperate for another U.S. military engagement.”

Greenwald replied that as much as the D.C. foreign policy establishment pushed for war with Russia, the real cheerleaders for another military engagement was the corporate media.

Greenwald reminded Ingraham that The New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN did as much to sell the public on the false claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction as the Bush administration.

“I think there’s often the assumption that the media is leftist or liberal – and maybe they are – but when it comes to war, they are consistently on the side of militarism, imperialism, and more conflict, going all the way back to 2003 when they liked nothing about George Bush or Dick Cheney, but overwhelmingly – the New York Times, NBC News – were behind the invasion of Iraq,” Greenwald stated.

Greenwald added that a war with Russia adds no benefit to Americans but that it serves the corporate media’s ideology.

“Obviously, going to war over Ukraine – even as a proxy war – won’t do anything for the American people, the American worker.” Greenwald explained. “But it kind of elevates the U.S. on this global stage, and I think that’s the ideology of the American media.”

That’s when Ingraham interjected that she was one of the many Americans who fell for what George Bush and Hillary Clinton were selling about the Iraq War and nation-building wars.

“Now, I was one of those lured into the naïve ideas about Iraq and even nation-building,” Ingraham declared. “I finally saw the light, thank goodness.”

Greenwald warned Fox News viewers that the foreign policy establishment pushing for war with Russia cared more about the territorial integrity of Ukraine’s border than of America’s.

“The question every American should be asking is, why do I care about the borders of Ukraine enough to risk American treasure when we have so many problems at home?” Greenwald asked.

Ingraham responded by speculating that if pollsters asked the American people if they supported war with Russia about one percent would actually answer yes.

“I think if you did a national poll,” Ingraham added, “it’d be like one percent – I mean, if that – that actually wanted to spend American treasure and potentially lives in Ukraine. You know, as much as we might love the Ukrainian people, this is Europe’s conflict if they want to fight.”

Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment.

But the same set of foreign policy “experts” that worked for George Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are now saber-rattling over a war with Russia.

Laura Ingraham had Glenn Greenwald on her show to warn about the dangers of the architects of the foreign policy failures of the last 20 years getting their way again.