Elon Musk Destroyed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez With Just Two Words

Photo by James Duncan Davidson CC BY-NC 3.0

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to feud with new Twitter owner, Elon Musk.

Musk ended up with the last laugh.

And that’s because Elon Musk destroyed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with just two words.

As Great American Daily reports:

Liberals have decided that if they cannot control Twitter and censor speech then they will destroy the social media platform.

After Elon Musk purchased Twitter and sought to relax a portion of the censorship regime Twitter’s woke workforce revolted.

The whiny liberals at Twitter seized on an email Musk sent informing the workforce that they had until 5 p.m. Thursday to agree to a “hardcore” version of Twitter and work late nights or resign.

Musk already laid off 3,000 employees whose main job, it turned out, was censoring conservative speech.

Hundreds of the remaining leftists at Twitter resigned and then fed a story to ideologically-aligned activists in the media that Twitter could crash at any moment.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who is one of Twitter’s “power users” – seized on this baseless conspiracy theory and tweeted her obituary for Twitter and thanked all the employees for creating a platform. 

“Shout out to all the workers at Twitter. You all built a vital place for connection and deserved so much better.

Millions of people appreciate the space you built and the hard work that went into it. Thank you,” Ocasio-Cortez whined on Twitter.

Musk snarked back to Ocasio-Cortez, “You’re welcome.”

Of course, Twitter did not go down and the group therapy session liberals held for themselves was all for naught.

Musk even ridiculed the kvetching by the left about Twitter’s imminent demise by pointing out that Twitter usage was at its highest ever.

Liberal Glenn Greenwald, one of the few actual journalists in the media, posted that the real reason liberals pitched a hissy fit over Musk buying Twitter was the fact that the left believes every institution in America must work on behalf of the Democrat Party agenda.

In this case, that means the left cannot stomach the fact that they no longer control one lever of power to censor their opponents.

Greenwald wrote:

The neurotic fixation by employees of liberal media corporations on “the death of Twitter” is motivated by only one thing: Musk suggested there may be mildly less censorship on Twitter, and they can’t stand the possibility that one influential venue by defy their control.

Liberals have complete hegemony in Hollywood, media, academia, and Big Tech (whose employees donate to Dems by more than 90%). For employees of liberal outlets, censorship is their power, their only way to control thought. Panic ensues at the mere possibility it may erode.