Elon Musk Obliterated Democrats By Pointing Out One Stone Cold Truth

Photo by NVIDIA Corporation on Flickr

Democrats are trying to distract the American people from a massive failure.

But that cover up imploded.

Elon Musk obliterated Democrats by pointing out one stone cold truth.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Many Americans – not just conservatives – are furious that the McConnell-Pelosi-Biden $1,700,000,000,000 socialist spending bill maintained Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

Utah Senator Mike Lee led the conservative opposition to the McConnell-Pelosi-Biden socialist spending package.

Lee blasted Democrats for trying to hide the fact that the bill supported open borders by voting for a phony border amendment authored by Democrat Senators Jon Tester of Montana and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

“An amendment by Sens Sinema & Tester is designed to ensure a porous border. A wolf in sheep’s clothing to mislead the American people to believe Dems are doing something to secure our borders. It merely provides them cover to vote against my extension of Title 42,” Lee wrote.

Elon Musk quoted this on Twitter and asked Senators Tester and Sinema if this was true.

“Is this true, @SenatorSinema and @SenatorTester?” Musk asked.

Tester responded by lying about his amendment.

“That claim is false. Our amendment was a good-faith effort to take proposals that both Democrats and Republicans claim they support. Both parties have failed to secure our southern border and fix our broken immigration system. We need to get serious about solving this problem,” Tester responded.

In fact, Tester and Sinema’s amendment allowed Democrats to vote for more immigration judges and processing facilities.

All this would do is allow Joe Biden to process illegal aliens faster into the country and do nothing to deter them from trekking to the border in the first place.

Musk fired back asking Tester why the McConnell-Pelosi-Biden bill banned money from being spent on border security in America while funneling $410 million to countries in the Middle East to protect their borders.

“But shouldn’t there be some funding in this bill to secure US borders, given that we are spending tens of billions to secure the borders of other countries?” Musk wondered.

Tester answered with more gas lighting claiming Mike Lee’s amendment did not allocate any money for border security.

“Absolutely and there is money in our amendment to secure the southern border. Senator Lee’s amendment included zero dollars for border security. Ours included more than $8 billion for things like physical barriers and tech,” Tester wrote.

This was true because Mike Lee’s amendment was about keeping Title 42 in place.

Title 42 is a Trump-era policy that allows the government to quickly remove illegal aliens back to their home country after being caught crossing the border.

Joe Biden will end Title 42 any day now and illegal aliens are massing in record numbers in anticipation of Title 42 going away so they can march across the border.

Experts predict over 14,000 illegal aliens will cross the border every day once Joe Biden ends Title 42.

All this Twitter exchange between Elon Musk and Senator Tester showed that Democrats do not care one bit to take any action to secure America’s border.