Every Democrat In America Is Trembling In Fear After Seeing This Poll Result

Democrats thought the 2020 election would be a cakewalk.

But that notion just blew up in their faces.

And now every Democrat in America is trembling in fear after seeing this poll result.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

One place where the Republican Party has been dominated is in Governor’s Mansions across the country.

There are currently 27 Republican Governors, to only 23 Democrat Governors.

And as it turns out, there aren’t only more Republican Governors, but citizens in their states prefer Republican Governors to Democrats by a huge margin.

A Morning Consult survey shows that the top ten most popular Governors in the United States are all Republicans.

These are the top ten Governors according to the survey:

Charlie Baker (MA)

Larry Hogan (MD)

Chris Sununu (NH)

Phil Scott (VT)

Mark Gordon (WY)

Doug Burgum (ND)

Asa Hutchinson (AR)

Greg Abbott (TX)

Bill Lee (TN)

Ron DeSantis (FL)

Only two of the ten most unpopular Governors are Republican.

The only bad sign in this poll is that Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is the most unpopular governor on the list with just 32% favoring him, and 56% disapproving of him.

This is especially bad for Republicans in Kentucky, considering that state-wide elections historically favor Democrats in the state.

If Bevin faces a popular Democrat in his next election, he will have a major uphill battle if he expects to win.

But Bevin seems to be the only major outlier in this survey.

The simple truth is that the American people prefer Republican Governors to Democrat ones.

Even in left-wing states like New York, their governor, Andrew Cuomo, is highly disliked, appearing in the top ten least popular governors list.

A big reason for this polling is due to the national Democrat Party.

While many State Governors are trying to remain popular with their often moderate-leaning citizens, the national party seems to be doing everything possible to shift the party to the far left.

In fact, some Democrat Governors are speaking out about the rapid shift in the party.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan put the party on blast following the first round of Democrat debates, where every single Democrat on stage raised their hand saying that they support giving illegal immigrants free health insurance.

“Raising hands and not really talking about the fundamentals is counterproductive to the average voter who really wants solutions,” she said.

It isn’t surprising that Whitmer is speaking out.

Especially in the age of Donald Trump, Democrats are losing the edge they once had in Michigan.

The only reason she is in office is that she did not endorse the far-left values most major Democrats are calling for now.

Her main talking point during her recent election was “fix the damn roads.”

Whitmer avoided talking about many issues, instead focusing on things that are popular across party lines.

But with the Democrat Party morphing into the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, that will become impossible to do going forward.

Do you think the Democrat Party is done for?

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