Fox News Coverage Shifts Left After Tucker Carlson Firing

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It is not the same Fox News that viewers loyally tuned in to watch.

The network morphed into something else.

And Fox News canceled Tucker Carlson and everyone noticed this awful change.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

War Room host — and former Trump chief strategist — Steve Bannon sounded the alarm that Fox News parting ways with Tucker Carlson meant founder Rupert Murdoch wanted to move Fox News towards the middle and push a globalist agenda in the hopes of defeating Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The early returns on Fox News programming in the wake of Carlson’s cancellation show Bannon was right to be concerned.

Host Stuart Varney welcomed former Wisconsin Republican Congressman Sean Duffy on his show and cited phony poll numbers showing support for gun control.

Varney then claimed these poll numbers meant Republicans needed to “pivot” to supporting Joe Biden’s gun control and abortion-on-demand agenda.

“Let’s get to the new Fox poll. We’re talking politics here. It reveals a majority of voters want more restrictions on gun ownership. Only 45% believe more people having guns will reduce gun violence. Another Fox poll shows 56% of voters believe abortion should be legal. Sean Duffy joins me. All right, Sean, is it time for Republicans to pivot on these sensitive issues?” Varney asked.

To his credit, Duffy held his ground and rejected Varney’s claim that Republicans needed to abandon Second Amendment and pro-life activists.

Duffy explained that issue polling is garbage because pollsters always frame their questions in the most beneficial way for the liberal policy position.

“So first off, on abortion, Stuart. No. I mean, listen, you’ve had the media pound this idea of freedom with regard to abortion. And when you look at the issue of abortion, it’s not just are you pro-choice or pro-life? Right. This poll might show that a lot of voters are not exclusively life voters, life at conception, but they’re also not late-term partial birth abortion, let’s kill babies after birth, which is where the Democrat Party is,” Duffy replied.

Polls on abortion — Duffy added — never present the true position of heartbeat bills and ignore asking about wildly unpopular positions Democrats hold such as abortion up until — and in some cases after — the moment of birth.

“So I think there’s some confusion, I think a lot of voters fall into. You know, maybe the heartbeat bill, maybe about 12 weeks, maybe eight weeks with regard to abortion, but banned after that. This poll doesn’t really dig into it,” Duffy continued.

Duffy also dismissed polls showing support for gun control noting that the fake news media and woke teachers brainwashed anyone under the age of 35 with lies that gun ownership is evil and that every day they go to school they could die in a mass shooting.

The former Wisconsin congressman also told Varney that Americans are not learning the true purpose of the Second Amendment.

Instead, Duffy said woke teachers falsely claim it is about deer hunting and do not explain to students that the goal of the Second Amendment is to prevent government tyranny in America.

“In regard to guns, listen, I think if you’re under 35 years old, 33 years old, you’re opposed to the Second Amendment and a lot of gun ownership because you’ve been taught that in school, the schools have been indoctrinating our children. I’ll look at our founders. This is not about deer hunting. This was about freedom, making sure you didn’t have a tyrannical government. And they wanted the people to be able to have the right to bear arms,” Duffy stated.

Varney would not give up his point and cited an abortion referendum in Kansas and a Supreme Court election in Wisconsin — where unions and other powerful Democrat Party special interests overwhelmed conservatives with tens of millions of dollars — as evidence Republicans needed to “pivot” on abortion and gun control.

“Okay. Maybe there’s some requirement that the Republicans pivot a little. Bearing in mind there were the elections in Wisconsin and Kansas, which featured abortion and liberalism. Anyway, I’ll move on,” Varney whined.

Tucker Carlson would routinely rail against gun grabbers and pro-abortion fanatics.

But Rupert Murdoch is an establishment Republican who favors gun control and doesn’t mind abortion.

The Murdoch-owned New York Post actually published a lead editorial titled “A supremely disappointing ruling on New York’s gun laws” after the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling striking down New York State’s scheme to deny citizens the right to conceal-carry their firearms.

The Court’s ruling also put all gun control laws nationwide on the chopping block by holding that any gun grab that did not fit within the nation’s history and tradition of protecting the Second Amendment is unconstitutional.

Varney’s support for gun control appears to fit within the editorial guidelines of what Rupert Murdoch wants Fox News to be.

And now without Tucker Carlson on the air viewers can expect Fox News to continue to pivot towards the middle.