Fox News Dropped A Big League Bombshell About Nancy Pelosi Leaving Congress

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No one in Washington thought this day would ever come.

But it’s almost here.

And Fox News dropped a big league bombshell about Nancy Pelosi leaving Congress.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Democrats are locked in a struggle to pass Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion socialist welfare and Green New Deal spending bill.

Moderates and socialists are at each other’s throats over the size and scope of the bill.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin declared he would not support any bill that spent more than $1.5 trillion, but socialists fear that if Democrats trim the Big Government spending spree it will depress their base’s turnout in next year’s midterm elections.

Against the backdrop of this fight is Nancy Pelosi’s future in Congress and as speaker of the House.

Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo reported that sources told her that Pelosi planned to step down after Democrats rammed Joe Biden’s socialist agenda through Congress.

“First, this morning is exclusive, sources tell Sunday Morning Futures there is speculation swirling in Washington that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may step down after getting the massive spending package through, so all those Democrat members who had their arms twisted to vote on the multitrillion-dollar package and put their own reelection in jeopardy may be fuming to learn that the speaker could be planning a cut and run,” Bartiromo stated.

Previously, Pelosi dropped hints in the press that she was looking at the exits.

In one press conference Pelosi called this Biden spending spree the “culmination” of her career –insinuating that it would be her last major legislative action.

“I just told members of my leadership that the reconciliation bill was a culmination of my service in Congress because it was about the children,” Pelosi stated.

After Democrats won the majority in the 2018 midterm elections Pelosi faced a problem.

Many swing seat Democrats as well as socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened not to vote for Pelosi as speaker of the House.

In order to secure the votes to win the speaker’s election Pelosi promised to only serve two terms in the position.

2022 is the end of that agreed upon timeline and Pelosi told reporters she intended to honor the deal.

“What I said then is whether it passes or not, I will abide by those limits that are there.” Pelosi stated. “I don’t want to undermine any leverage I may have, but I made the statement.”

Pelosi may not have a choice about stepping down as speaker of the House.

Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers and a rash of Democrats’ retirements point to the party facing a difficult midterm environment where Republicans look to be favored to win the majority in the House of Representatives.

Few believe Pelosi would serve in Congress as a regular member without a leadership position.

So, all signs point towards Pelosi not only stepping down as speaker of the House, but from Congress as well.