Hearing Explodes When Key Republican Tells Big Tech Executives To Prepare For Arrest

Photo by Kuzmaphoto on Adobe Stock

Big Tech’s censored conservatives for years.

Now they are facing accountability.

And a hearing exploded when this key Republican told Big Tech executives to prepare for arrest.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Republican Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins told former Twitter executives that they could be arrested for alleged interference in 2020 elections during a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Higgins alleged that the Twitter executives worked with the FBI to suppress information that would be damaging to Joe Biden.

“Bottom line is that the FBI had the Biden crime family laptop for a year,” Higgins said. “They knew it was leaking, they knew it would hurt the Biden campaign, so the FBI used its relationship with Twitter to suppress criminal evidence being revealed about Joe Biden one month before the 2020 election.”

“You ladies and gentlemen interfered with the United States of America’s 2020 presidential election knowingly, and that’s the bad news. It’s gonna get worse. Because this is the investigation part; later comes the arrest part,” he said. “Your attorneys are familiar with that.”

Former Twitter deputy general counsel James Baker, ex-head of trust and safety Yoel Roth and former policy director Vijaya Gadde appeared before the House Oversight Committee and claimed that they couldn’t remind key details about the suppression of the Hunter Biden story.

“Simple question, did you talk to the FBI about the Hunter Biden story?” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Baker bluntly.

“To the best of my recollection, I did not talk to the FBI about the Hunter Biden story before that day,” replied Baker, referencing Oct. 14, 2020.

“Did you talk to them after?” Jordan pressed, to which Baker said, “I do not recall.”

Later Baker said, “Sitting here today, I don’t recall speaking with the FBI at all about the Hunter Biden matter — the laptop.”

“Then why did you answer the way you did?” Jordan asked.

Jordan also asked Baker if he had any conversations with the 51 former intelligence officials who implied that the Hunter Biden laptop appeared to be Russian misinformation. ”Have you talked to any of those 51 prior to that letter being sent on the 19th [of October, 2020] or after?” Jordan asked.

“Sir, I can’t remember who’s on that group,” answered Baker, kicking off a tortuous back-and-forth.

“[James] Clapper, [John] Brennan, [Michael] Morell —” Jordan said.

“I’ve talked to those people during the course of my career, yes,” Baker replied.

Jordan asked, “Have you talked to them in your time at Twitter?” But Baker said, “I can’t remember who’s on that list, so I’m afraid —”

“How about the three I just mentioned?” Jordan followed up. “Did you talk with Mr. Clapper, Mr. Brennan or anyone else that he knows of who signed that letter?”

Finally, Baker said, “I don’t recall discussing that publication they did about the Hunter Biden laptop with any of those people.”