Hillary Clinton is involved in this controversial vote by mail change that Trump is going to hate

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Donald Trump was not happy with how the 2020 election went down.

But what Democrats have planned for 2022 and 2024 will leave him red with rage.

And that’s because Hillary Clinton is involved in this controversial vote by mail change that Trump is going to hate.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election both Republicans and Democrats thought that was the end of Clinton’s political career.

Clinton is back on the scene.

But now Hillary Clinton made a return to politics that no one saw coming.

Democrats have no problem with gerrymandering when Democrat state legislatures in Illinois and New York destroyed multiple Republican districts.

What Democrats complain about is Republican state legislatures drawing maps that do not provide unfair advantages to Democrats.

After the elections in Virginia and New Jersey, Democrats saw firsthand that Republican voter enthusiasm is through the roof.

Party leaders know their only chance to hang on to their majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate is to supercharge the left-wing base’s turnout.

Enter Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s Onward Together group is hosting a December 7 virtual anti-gerrymandering fundraiser with Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck and ABC’s “Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross.

Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder – who also runs a redistricting group – will also appear.

“At the core of our democracy is the right to make our voices heard in fair elections,” an email from Clinton read. “And when Republicans redraw district lines to dilute the voting power of communities of color and eliminate competitive seats to their own advantage, they threaten that right for the rest of us.”

Democrats will once again pitch their election-rigging legislation, H.R. 1 – which Republicans call the Corrupt Politicians Act – as a way to rev up the base’s turnout next year.

This legislation would create “nonpartisan commissions” – i.e., slanted to the left – that would redraw congressional and state legislative districts which will wipe out any Republican advantage and make it easier for Democrats to win control of red states.

The bill also will make the voting rules from the 2020 election permanent in every state in the Union.

This legislation would cripple the ability of states to enforce voter ID laws, mail unsolicited ballots to every voter in America and allow for ballot harvesting schemes in all 50 states.

Eric Holder’s already gone on record saying Democrats need to exploit COVID to make permanent changes to the electoral system that make it structurally impossible for Republicans to win elections.

“Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system so that it permanently becomes more inclusive and becomes easier for the American people to access,” Holder declared.

Republicans worry that if Democrats hang on to control of the House and Senate, newly empowered Democrat majorities will nuke the filibuster and ram the Corrupt Politicians Act into law on a simple party line vote.

And that would render it impossible for a Republican presidential candidate to win in 2024.