Hunter Biden Threatens Lawsuits Over His Laptop Story

Photo by CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies on Flickr

Hunter Biden’s laptop is the key piece of evidence in multiple Congressional and criminal investigations.

Biden is adopting a bizarre new defense.

Hunter Biden threatens lawsuits over his laptop story.

As Conservative Revival reports:

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was the greatest story of the 2020 election cycle which liberal news outlets and social media giants worked to cover up.

And while those efforts were successful, the story itself could not be contained forever.

And now that the details of the laptop have been confirmed, more than two years after it was originally reported, Hunter Biden is resorting to a new method in order to try and silence the truth.

He is threatening to sue anyone who talks about it.

Business Insider reports, “Hunter Biden’s attorney sent letters this week demanding that at least 14 individuals involved in publicizing and politicizing the contents of his laptop without his permission preserve documents and data in case of future litigation.

Letters were sent to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s attorney Robert Costello, and Brian Della Rocca, the attorney who represents the former owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter Biden’s laptop was sent in 2019.”

The fact that Hunter Biden is telling a host of conservative media personalities to lawyer up in anticipate of a massive lawsuit is quite telling.

It reveals just how far Biden is willing to go in order to try and shut up stories about the truth of how Hunter used his father’s political position to leverage his way into making millions of dollars.

What’s even more stunning is the fact that Biden’s laptop scandal contains a host of details regarding the Biden’s family shading business dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere.

And now that it has been confirmed that the laptop itself is authentic, Hunter knows the only thing he can do to stop the story from spreading even more is to threaten a series of devastating lawsuits against anyone who speaks up about it.

“You have made various statements and engaged in certain activities by your own admission, or that have been publicly reported in the media, concerning our client, Robert Hunter Biden,” stated a letter issued by Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney. “This letter constitutes notice that a litigation hold should be in effect for the preservation and retention of all records and documents related to Mr. Biden.”

Biden will likely try and use libel suits in order to silence his critics, but he knows there is nothing he can do to stop the American people from speaking the truth.

His threats to sue conservative commentators amount to little more than cheap intimidation tactics.

“The litigation hold notice is nothing more than an intimidation tactic designed to try to dissuade witnesses to the truth from speaking that truth,” said Robert Costello, a conservative lawyer who received one of these lawsuit letters from Hunter Biden.

“[They are] acting out of desperation because they see Judgment Day is coming for the Bidens,” he added.