Ilhan Omar Just Attacked Every Military Veteran. You Won’t Believe What She Said

Ilhan Omar is bad news for the Democrat Party’s chances in 2020.

Omar’s constant scandals and gaffes threaten to define the eventual Democrat candidate for President.

But just when you thought she couldn’t stoop any lower Ilhan Omar just attacked every military veteran. You won’t believe what she said.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Ilhan Omar is a radical member of the Democratic “squad,” a group of freshmen representatives who have no place in politics.

Omar’s latest proposal proves just that.

In a recent statement, she disrespected every American soldier with a ludicrous proposal.

American soldiers train and fight hard for this country, and are ready to lay down their lives if it comes to that.

But Omar just proposed taking one of their rights and giving it to every American citizen, regardless of whether they have contributed to this nation or not.

This statement was met with severe backlash, both from political opponents and soldiers who have fought for and served this great nation.

Omar’s original statement came as a response to one veteran’s testimony, telling how he used the G.I. Bill to earn a degree, and how the reward was worth the sacrifices he made to serve this country.

But Omar took that testimony and twisted it to fit her own political agenda, as the left always does.

Many others lashed out at Omar over Twitter, stating that if citizens wanted the benefits of the G.I. Bill, they need only enroll in the military to receive those benefits.

The G.I. Bill is not a handout, as the left wants to look at it, it is compensation for those who put their lives at risk every day to defend the freedom and liberty of this great nation against tyrants and threats.

Omar, who also received some support for the expansion, has previously pushed for the idea in legislation.

Along with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., Omar introduced a bill that would “eliminate tuition and fees at all public four-year colleges and universities,” in addition to trade schools, community colleges and apprenticeship programs.

Omar, like the rest of the Squad, continues to fill Washington with ridiculous schemes, and radical ideals.