Joe Biden Broke Out In A Panic When His Campaign Suffered One Massive Defeat

Joe Biden is no longer the unquestioned frontrunner for the Democrat Presidential nomination.

Ever since Biden’s disastrous debate performance the former Vice President has seen several rivals surge in the polls.

And Joe Biden broke out in a panic when his campaign suffered one massive defeat.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has witnessed perhaps the most rapid collapse of any Presidential campaign in modern history.

After entering the crowded Democratic field and finding himself at the top of the pack, Biden has only moved downward ever since.

His poll numbers have continued to slip and they took a massive hit after Biden struggled at the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election cycle.

And Biden is bleeding voters left and right to other candidates like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

What’s worse, Biden has been unable to stop the decline of his campaign.

And it’s about to get much, much worse for Biden.

That’s because his one safeguard to ward off a surge in support for his other primary challengers just failed.

Biden’s money edge has finally been overtaken, and you won’t believe which candidate beat him out in fundraising this quarter.

CNBC reports, “Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden led the 2020 Democratic primary field in second-quarter fundraising, while the leading candidates entered July with a healthy store of cash, according to new campaign filings.”

The only problem is that Biden came in second to Buttigieg.

While the former Vice President raised 22 million dollars this quarter, the South Bend Mayor raised 24.9 million, beating the establishment-backed Biden by nearly three million dollars.

That’s astounding.

Buttigieg’s campaign was supposed to be on the decline as well, though he hasn’t faced nearly the same number of problems as Biden.

But the bigger story with the quarterly finance reports is that Biden’s team was expected to raise the most money out of the entire field of 25 candidates, and he lost out to Buttigieg by a fairly substantial margin.

While Biden raised more than other heavy hitters in the field like Warren, Harris, and Sanders, the finance reports are yet another sign that his campaign may be peaking and that trouble likely lies ahead for the former Vice President.

If Biden can’t even outraise the rest of the field, his last true advantage in the Democratic primary is officially gone.

And that will only spell further bad news for him down the road.

That’s because he’s rapidly running out of reasons to become the nominee.

He’s not polling better against Trump than the rest of the field, and he’s losing support in the polls.

And now, establishment Democrats are jumping ship, and they’re taking their money with them.

It may only be a matter of time before Biden’s campaign truly crashes into the dirt as the trickle turns into an avalanche against him.

There’s even worse news for Biden however.

His cash on hand is very low, at just 10.9 million dollars.

This may sound like a lot, but Kamala Harris has 13.3 million on hand, while Elizabeth Warren has 19.8 million.

Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders boast the largest amounts on hand, with 22.7 million and 27.3 million respectively.

Unless Biden can dig himself out of this hole he’s in, his chances of winning the nomination will only continue to dwindle.

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(h/t Great American Daily)