Joe Biden Broke Some Bad News That Nancy Pelosi Is Going To Hate

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi looks like she is going to be out of a job soon.

Pelosi found that out the hard way.

And Joe Biden broke some bad news that Nancy Pelosi is going to hate.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Jen Psaki announced Joe Biden has no plans to back off his plan to open the border on May 23 by repealing Title 42, the successful Trump-era policy that allowed the government to quickly expel illegal aliens at the border.

“We are planning and preparing for the end of Title 42 on May 23,” Psaki told reporters.

Biden claims it is necessary to end Title 42 because the public health emergency no longer exists while at the same time claiming the public health emergency is so severe that Americans must still wear masks on airplanes.

The Border Patrol estimates Biden rolling back Title 42 could lead to as many as 18,000 illegal aliens marching across the southern border every day.

Election forecasters stated Biden’s decision to eliminate Title 42 doomed Democrats already facing an uphill battle to hang on to power.

“Democrats are in bad shape — some would say terrible shape — for the midterm elections,” University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato told Fox News. “The Title 42 controversy does nothing to help them and probably makes the outlook worse for Democrats.”

Sabato pointed to the number of swing state Democrats running for the Senate racing to put as much distance between themselves and Biden as possible on ending Title 42.

“The dead giveaway is that moderate and endangered Democrats in Congress are raising hell and defecting from the Biden administration’s plans,” Sabato concluded.

Republicans only need to win a net gain of one seat in the Senate to oust Chuck Schumer as majority leader.

POLITICO contacted Democrats running in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin – three states that Democrats must win if they want to keep the majority – and found the leading candidates denouncing Biden’s decision to end Title 42.

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman is a Bernie Sanders-style socialist leading the polls for the Democrat nomination for Senate in Pennsylvania.

But Fetterman wants no part of repealing Title 42.

“We should not end Title 42 until we have a detailed plan in place,” Fetterman told POLITICO. “And look, we don’t only need a long-term and detailed plan here for ending Title 42, but we still need to fix our broken immigration system as a whole.”

Cheri Beasley is the presumptive Democrat nominee in North Carolina running for retiring RINO Richard Burr’s seat.

And Beasley told POLITICO that she “believes that it is not the right time to lift this policy, especially without a plan in place to deal with a potential influx in migrants.”

Two of the leading Democrat candidates in Wisconsin to take on Republican Ron Johnson are state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Milwaukee Bucks team executive Alex Lasry.

Godlewski and Lasry both ripped Biden for opening the border by revoking Title 42.

“There needs to be a plan, and right now it doesn’t look like the administration has one. Until there is a plan, for the safety of our citizens and those seeking asylum, they should not lift it,” Godlewski stated.

“We must have an understanding of a comprehensive plan that will deal with an influx of asylum seekers before any changes to Title 42 are made,” Lasry declared.

Joe Biden and his handlers are more committed to their open borders ideology than they are winning elections.

And Democrats running for Senate are going to pay the price.