Joe Biden Confronted The Military With One Line In The Sand That Could Ruin Everything

Photo by bptu on Adobe Stock

Joe Biden’s scandals and mistakes pile up.

Now Biden is endangering national security.

Joe Biden confronted the military with one line in the sand that could ruin everything.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden seized on the false narrative of an insurrection on January 6 to declare a new domestic war on terror targeting Trump voters.

Biden’s new domestic war on terror now threatens the American norm of an apolitical armed forces where the troops swear allegiance to the Constitution as opposed to a political party and its ideology.

The Biden administration rolled out a new scheme to purge the military of Trump supporters that represents a direct threat to freedom of speech and a military separated from politics.

Under the guise of combatting so-called “extremist activity” the Biden administration announced new guidelines that allow woke generals to expel troops who violate vaguely defined guidelines of engaging in “extremist activity.”

The Pentagon now defines “extremist activity” as:

Advocating or engaging in unlawful force or violence to deprive others of their constitutional rights; advocating or engaging in unlawful force or violence to achieve a political or ideological goal; advocating or supporting terrorism; advocating or supporting the overthrow of the government; encouraging military or civilian personnel to violate U.S. laws; and advocating discrimination based on, race, color, religion and other factors.

“Extremist activity” is the military equivalent of the “hate speech” standards that social media companies adopted to justify banning conservatives to silence their political views.

Like “hate speech,” the Biden administration will define so-called “extremist activity” as anyone that disagrees with the Democrat Party.

Since there is no set definition of the parameters of “extremist activity” the administration can make up the rules as it goes along in order to purge the armed forces of anyone that disagrees with Joe Biden or his agenda.

Under the current guidelines anyone that likes a post on social media opposing illegal immigration, questioning the results of the 2020 election or objects to biological males playing girls’ sports faces expulsion from the U.S. military.

Active participation is defined as:

–”Knowingly displaying paraphernalia, words, or symbols in support of extremist activities or in support of groups or organizations that support extremist activities, such as flags, clothing, tattoos, and bumper stickers, whether on or off a military installation.” 

–Engaging in “electronic and cyber activities regarding extremist activities, or groups that support extremist activities – including posting, liking, sharing, re-tweeting, or otherwise distributing content – when such action is taken with the intent to promote or otherwise endorse extremist activities.”

–”Fundraising for, or making personal contributions through donations of any kind (including but not limited to the solicitation, collection, or payment of fees or dues) to, a group or organization that engages in extremist activities, with the intent to support those activities.”

Joe Biden declared a new domestic war on terror to seize power over institutions that were not formerly under control of the left.

This new scheme to combat “extremist activity” is a ruse to target Americans that did not vote for Joe Biden and smear them as domestic terrorists and turn the power of the federal government against them.

It’s an extension of the administration unleashing the FBI against parents that complain too loudly at school board meetings opposing mask mandates or critical race theory.

Now the latest in Joe Biden’s dangerous new domestic war on terror is the U.S. military.