Joe Biden Has One Big Plan To Change the Supreme Court That Clarence Thomas Will Hate

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The Supreme Court is the one institution in Washington the left does not control.

They have a plan to change that.

Joe Biden has one big plan to change the Supreme Court that Clarence Thomas will hate.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

During the campaign Biden claimed he would not reveal his position on packing the Court with new liberal justices to overthrow the current conservative majority until after the election.

Biden tried to delay letting the public know if he supported Democrats destroying the legitimacy of the Supreme Court through a partisan power grab.

But House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey introduced legislation to pack the Court with four new liberal justices to flip the Court from a six to three conservative majority appointed through the normal constitutional order to a seven to six liberal majority gifted by Joe Biden’s pen.

The Intercept exclusively reports:

Congressional Democrats plan to unveil legislation expanding the size of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to three congressional sources familiar with the closely held measure.

The bill would add four seats to the high court, bringing the total to 13, from the current 9. The number of justices on the Court has fluctuated widely throughout the course of the nation’s history. Republicans currently hold 6 seats, while Democrats hold just 3 after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the quick confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

During the subsequent White House press briefing, a reporter asked press secretary Jen Psaki about Biden’s position on the greatest partisan attack on American democracy in the nation’s history.

Psaki would not condemn the court-packing scheme and instead punted again until after the commission submits its report.

“[The commission] is going to come back to the president with a report on what their discussions are and what their findings are, so he’s gonna wait for that to play out and wait to read that report,” Psaki responded.

When pressed for an answer, Psaki expressed support for Democrats introducing the bill and that Biden would consider court-packing and whatever partisan power grabs Biden’s Democrat-dominated commission reported back within their report.

“The president believes it’s important to look at a range of points of view,” Psaki added that “He believes that members of Congress have the right to put forward legislation on issues they support. His view is that he wants to hear from this commission that has a range of viewpoints.”

Biden and the Democrats do not currently have the votes to eliminate the filibuster and pack the Court.

But Biden and the socialist activists in the administration calling the shots hope that six months of pressure building on Senate Democrats to junk the filibuster will pay off.

When Biden’s partisan commission releases their report in favor of court-packing, Biden will have the commission’s report providing the “expert” opinion that court-packing is necessary along with months of Republicans filibustering the Democrats’ most extreme bills to rig elections, grant amnesty to illegal aliens and grab guns combining to convince reluctant Democrats to abolish the filibuster and pass legislation packing the Supreme Court.