Joe Biden Is Going To Hate What This Supreme Court Justice Recently Decided

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden’s problem with the Supreme Court just got a whole lot worse.

It’s causing a major problem for Democrats.

And Joe Biden is going to hate what this Supreme Court Justice recently decided.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Ever since Democrats won control of the Senate and Joe Biden took office, the professional left pressured 82-year-old liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire so Biden could appoint a younger, more radical replacement while Chuck Schumer still had the votes to confirm judicial nominees.

In an interview with The New York Times, Breyer dropped hints that he would accede to the left’s demands and step down while Democrats still controlled the judicial nomination promises.

“There are many things that go into a retirement decision,” Breyer told The Times.

Breyer cited a quote from the late Antonin Scalia that Breyer stated would influence his decision.

Scalia – Breyer recounted – would often state that he did not want to see a liberal justice replace him and wipe out everything Scalia accomplished in the court.

“He said, ‘I don’t want somebody appointed who will just reverse everything I’ve done for the last 25 years,’” Justice Breyer also told The Times. “That will inevitably be in the psychology.

“I don’t think I’m going to stay there till I die — hope not,” Breyer added.

These comments raised the spirits of liberals that feared Breyer would hold on like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and end up allowing a Republican president to replace Breyer and tilt the court even further to the right.

Breyer provided The Times further insight into his retirement decision.

“There are a lot of blurred things there, and there are many considerations,” Breyer added. “They form a whole. I’ll make a decision.”

“I don’t like making decisions about myself,” Breyer continued.

Breyer explained it was perfectly appropriate for judges to take the party that controlled the White House and the Senate into consideration when deciding when to retire, relaying a quote from former Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

“No, it’s not inappropriate,” the late Chief Justice Rehnquist once told reporters. “Deciding when to step down from the court is not a judicial act.”

“That’s true,” Breyer told The Times.

Democrats hold the narrowest Senate majority in history.

Breyer’s interview with The New York Times suggests he understands this reality and plans to stepdown in 2022 before the midterm election.

However, Breyer not stepping down right now could still backfire on the Democrats.

If even one Democrat vacates their seat for any reason, Republicans retake the majority.

Should Republicans control the Senate, Mitch McConnell refused to commit to holding a vote on a potential Joe Biden Supreme Court nominee.

McConnell and the GOP could opt to keep the seat open until the 2024 presidential election.

With Joe Biden’s approval numbers tanking due to the inflation, crime and illegal immigration crises combined with the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, Republicans could see a prime opportunity to win the White House and keep the Breyer seat vacant in a repeat of the 2016 gamble where Republicans successfully blocked a vote on Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Antonin Scalia in the hopes Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton.