Joe Biden Just Got Hit With This Nasty Shock From The Supreme Court

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The Democrats losing streak at the Supreme Court continued.

Liberals are not going to be happy about their latest defeat.

And Joe Biden just got hit with this nasty shock from the Supreme Court.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Joe Biden’s signature agenda items are being systematically torn to pieces.

But the defeat of much of Biden’s policies hasn’t been at the hands of Republicans in Congress.

In fact, many Republicans in Congress have regularly been voting with Biden’s big-ticket policies.

Instead, Biden’s greatest political defeats have occurred in the court system, where judges have routinely struck down many of his policies for being unconstitutional.

And there’s been no greater foe for Biden than the Supreme Court itself.

First, the court struck down Biden’s vaccine mandates.

And now, a year after handing Biden one of his greatest defeats ever, the court is now delivering yet another devastating blow of Biden’s radical agenda.

USA Today reports, “In a blow to the Biden administration’s ability to set the nation’s immigration policy, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said the government could not halt the expulsion of migrants for public health reasons under the controversial Title 42 program.”

Title 42 was implemented at the start of the COVID pandemic to make it easier to deport illegal immigrants from countries where the pandemic had taken root.

And the irony is that while Biden and his team have been utterly unwilling to let go of the reins of power that grew from government-imposed COVID rules, Title 42 is likely one of the only COVID-related policies they want to get rid of.

This is coming at the same time that Biden is still suing to reinstate mask mandates for airlines across the country.

The lawsuit over Title 42 thus means that Biden wants to eliminate COVID restrictions that do not align with his own political ideology on one hand, while he continues to fight tooth and nail to impose intense government restrictions on individual freedom in the name of COVID on the other hand.

“While the decision was a legal loss for President Joe Biden, the political implications were less clear: The administration’s effort to lift Title 42 has drawn sharp criticism from Republicans and uncertainty from some Democrats who fear border communities were not prepared for an influx of migrants,” adds USA Today.

For Joe Biden, the loss at the Supreme Court ranks as his second major political defeat at the hands of one of the three co-equal branches of government.

Biden has yet to score a major political win at the Supreme Court.

And with the court having a narrow conservative majority, it could be some time until Left-wing policies succeed there.

However, the ruling to retain Title 42 could have more implications than simply serving as a national embarrassment for Joe Biden.

By retaining Title 42, the court has made it easier to deport illegal immigrants, who have entered the United States on a scale that it unprecedented in history.

Over 2.5 million illegal immigrants came into the country in 2022, with estimates suggesting that even more are expected to cross into America in 2023.

And by delivering this political defeat to Joe Biden, the Supreme Court just took a huge step to help alleviate a border crisis which Biden himself helped to create.