Joe Biden Was Devastated By This Key Judge’s Ruling On Voter Fraud

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Joe Biden and the Democrats never thought this day would come.

But they got some bad news.

And now Joe Biden was devastated by this key judge’s ruling on voter fraud.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

President Trump’s lawyers identified several swing states in the last election where partisan Democrat judges or state officials illegally changed laws to expand vote-by-mail by usurping the powers granted to the state legislature under the Constitution.

Republicans finally succeeded in court at getting a judge to agree.

Michigan Court of Claims Chief Judge Christopher Murray ruled that the Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson violated Michigan’s Administrative Procedures Act with an October 6 order to change the signature verification process for absentee ballots.

In his ruling, Judge Murray wrote that the original process called for “the signatures on the applications and the return envelopes are compared against signatures in the qualified voter file or those that appear on the ‘master registration card’ in order to determine whether the signatures match. Signatures on applications or return envelopes that do not ‘agree sufficiently’ with those on file are to be rejected.”

Judge Murray noted that in Secretary of State Benson’s order, Benson mandated that election officials alter the standard to instead assume that the signatures on the envelope and absentee ballot were valid and work from there.

“The standards are generally applicable to all absentee voter ballot applications and absent voter ballots, and it contains a mandatory statement from defendant, this state’s chief election officer, see MCL 168.21, declaring that all local clerks must perform their signature verification duties in accordance with the instructions,” Judge Murray wrote.

Judge Murray said this order was illegal “because the guidance issued by the Secretary of State on October 6, 2020, with respect to signature matching standards was issued in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).”

Republican state legislatures around the country reacted to Democrat judges and state officials illegally altering voting laws and introduced a raft of bills across the country to reassert the legislatures’ constitutional authority to determine voting laws.

These bills beef up election integrity by strengthening voter ID laws and cut down on mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting schemes.

Democrats know they can’t count on judges forever and introduced H.R. 1 which would put Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of elections by mandating universal mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting, eviscerate voter ID laws and allow bureaucrats to draw congressional districts.

That bill will be filibustered by Republicans in the Senate.

That’s why it is important that judges are now standing up for election integrity.