Joe Biden Will Permit Training Ukrainian Pilots On F-16s Raising Fears Of Escalating War With Russia

Photo by Mike Mareen on Adobe Stock

Joe Biden’s foreign policy disasters keep piling up.

Biden is putting all Americans at risk.

And Joe Biden risked World War 3 with a crazy order that no one can understand.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden finally caved to the pressure from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other globalists and agreed to train Ukrainian pilots to fly American F-16 fighter jets.

This comes after Biden discovered an “accounting” error that let him funnel another $375 million in taxpayer money – money that could be used to secure America’s border – to Ukraine to fund this increasingly risky war.

For months officials warned that sending the Ukrainians weapons that can be used to strike into Russian territory would result in a Russian nuclear response.

That’s why last fall Joe Biden told Democrat donors that the world was at the closest point to nuclear Armageddon since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

A Russian nuclear strike would result in a direct military response by America and NATO which would quickly spiral out of control into all-out nuclear war between Russia and the West leading to the end of human life on Earth.

NBC’s Peter Alexander pressed National Security Council spokesman John Kirby on Russia saying the U.S. took a “colossal risk” in escalating the war.

“Let me follow up quickly. Just a short time ago, the Kremlin responded, calling this a, quote, ‘colossal risk.’ President Biden’s concern from the very beginning with providing F-16s was that it could potentially escalate this war. What assurances does the U.S. have from Ukraine that they won’t use these F-16s to fire into Russia that could widen this war?” Alexander asked.

Kirby acknowledged that World War 3 is a possibility, but that America could supposedly trust the Ukrainians to show restraint.

“I will tell you, Peter, we have had multiple conversations with the Ukrainians about the risk of escalation here. Nobody wants to see World War III. And we have made it clear that we’re not going to encourage or enable Ukraine to strike inside Russian territory. Now, the Ukrainians have been very honest with us and very forthcoming and and quite frankly, very responsible when it comes to the kind of support we’re giving them, not using that to go inside Russia. So, we’ve had that discussion with the Ukrainians. We’ve had it with respect to fighter aircraft. We’re confident that they’ll live up to their commitments,” Kirby added.

Biden is gambling everything on the Ukrainians.

Leaked documents showed the U.S. already barely stopped the Ukrainians from carrying out an attack on Russian soil earlier this year.

And the U.S. believes the Ukrainians were behind a car bombing that killed the daughter of Russian nationalist Alexander Dugin.

Joe Biden’s war against Russia is just one errant missile landing on the wrong side of the line from ending humanity in nuclear fireballs.

Giving Ukraine F-16s that can launch missiles into Russian territory increases the risk of World War 3 and nuclear escalation.